Stop wordpress emails going into the spam folder

Why when I’m trying to send emails from wordpress are they going into the spam folder? In short it’s because you should be using an Email Service Provider (ESP) for your emails to increase your ‘deliverability’ and sender ‘reputation’. You should then make use of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to validate the sending IP...

A case for maximising Minimalism

Two guys sell pretty much everything they own in their quest for inner peace, now they urge us to do the same. Should we follow? First off. Hello, I’m Jack ?. The Digital Creative Director at fastfwd. My expertise is in User Interface & User Experience design to craft creative, effective digital products. With this...

Custom Component in React Native

React native is a popular JavaScript framework for developing robust native mobile apps and based on react, which uses declarative components to create a user interface. It is a set of libraries, which provides access to the corresponding native APIs. As such, the applications developed with react native will have access to native platform features...

Set up a website locally on your Mac using Sourcetree & Beanstalk

So I am trying to learn a bit more of the ‘technical stuff’ while working in a digital agency alongside managing projects. This is really advantageous for the team because things like adding favicons to a website or adding a google analytics tracking code doesn’t need to be done by an experienced developer. Project managers...

Getting started with E-commerce

If you want to sell things on the internet you are going to need an e-commerce website. Today I’m going to take you through the basics and explain everything required for a successful online store. Everything you need to know about e-commerce E-commerce (or electronic commerce) is also known as an online store or an...


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