On the way to greatness

I chose a bad day to rekindle my blogging skills. After Kishen’s great article about Search rankings on mobile devices and AMP, the competition is high… but, I am not worried. This blog will explain why! Many authors, blogs or articles usually focus on the best company, or the most successful one. This article on...

Why you’ll lose your mobile search rankings (and then your desktop ones)

Are you trying to make sense of responsive website search rankings and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? You probably already know that Google favours mobile-responsive websites for its mobile search results. You probably didn’t know that Google plans to use your mobile formatted website as the primary version in deciding how to rank your website across...

Your Tech Survival Guide – For People Who Think WTF is PHP

I now feel like I must have been one of the few people my age in the country who went out and played after school. I didn’t have a mobile phone until I was 11 and even then it was a massive hand-me-down BT phone with £5 credit on (only to be used in case...

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a hard job, during the startup phase they usually have to manage every aspect of their business. That means being Marketing manager, HR manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager and I am sure you get the picture… Given the diverse stresses and strains an entrepreneur finds him or herself subjected too, it is pretty...

Why are all these products staring at me?

Ah, the Massive Eye. Such a comforting symbol, and not all reminiscent of surveillance, literal towers of evil from Lord of the Rings or psychopathic supercomputers named Hal. Which must be why so many tech companies have chosen to adopt a huge eyeball as a central design aspect of their products. I mean look at...


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