The 3 Myths Of Social Media For Sales Professionals

Many sales professionals and business owners are scared of social media. They think that it’s going to take up all of their time. Once you have effective social media sales training then it doesn’t seem as daunting....

What You MUST do Online in 2012!

The world is a buzz with jargon relating to developments in the online space. For those of us in the industry, it is all very exciting....

What Can Apps Do For My Business?

The question is simple enough but the answer is not the same to all people. You see, mobiles and tablets that for the last few years have been designed to run 3rd party software downloaded by the user. These have been colloquially called "apps" for some time which as you guessed it is short for applications. ...

The Future of Apps

In the last few weeks we have seen the high profile launch of the Instagram for Android app and the subsequent buy out of Instagram by Facebook for a cool $1 billion. It may be a coincidence but it seems to me that Facebook felt that for them to continue to own photo-sharing, they had to own Instagram and the android app brought Instagram to far too many....

On Working Here

...this is the unique opportunity that working for a niche digital agency like ours presents. So while still having the chance to lean on colleagues for support, developers can express their own creativity in delivering an end-to-end solution. For most developers this is something of a labour of love - they truly enjoy the work, and the finished product is better because of it. ...

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