Mobile Web apps or Native apps?

We all know that apps are incredibly popular right now. Mobile web use is becoming the norm and companies are scrambling to get set up with a mobile app. There are a couple of routes in to the mobile market: web apps and native apps. Let’s consider them both....

9 out of 10 Searches on Google

Last month UK internet users made 2.2 billion visits to search engines, an increase of 174 million over the previous February. Leading data experts Experian have reported that December 2011 was the busiest month ever for UK search traffic but they don't expect that record to hold up for very long....

CMS – When to Custom Build

One of the things we have to consider a lot is whether to custom build a Content Management System (CMS) for a client, or to use a ready made CMS. Actually there are perfectly good reasons for doing both. Let’s take a look…...

Leveraging the Social Influence of Your Best Customers

Over the last few years, a lot of my food industry clients have been focused on two areas of their business. Loyalty and Social Media. They are not wrong, both of these areas are important areas of business development for them and are very effective ways to improve the turnover and profitability of a food business. ...

Fast Fwd on Film: Chartered Insurance Institute

We had a great time over the last 2 weeks working on the script and story boarding demonstrations. We are yet to see the final edited product but Kishen was filming for a couple of hours last Monday at the Chartered Insurance Institute HQ in London....

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