Fast Fwd on Film: Chartered Insurance Institute

We had a great time over the last 2 weeks working on the script and story boarding demonstrations. We are yet to see the final edited product but Kishen was filming for a couple of hours last Monday at the Chartered Insurance Institute HQ in London....

Is Quick Response for you?

For an 18 year old innovation, QR (quick response) codes are getting a lot of media attention. This week Kishen and I were asked to author a half hour CPD film on them and I have also been busy engaging with business owners interested in QR on a variety of forums....

Conversion, Not Traffic, is Key

Many business owners will invest heavily in expensive online marketing programmes, including SEO and PPC advertising just to get more traffic to their website. Although this is not a bad thing per se, it does not guarantee sales – it just guarantees spend on online marketing....

Marketing and the Parable of the Fruit Picker

The best way to grow a customer base is to have a strong identity that really speaks to your desired audience. People however are all different, even the most popular and powerful mass market brands like Coca Cola and Google have detractors....

SEO Weasel

SEO can be a legitimate activity when done correctly. Any notion that it is corrupting the integrity of the internet is bitter cynicism as the only reliable way to get truly good and bankable search rankings is through relevant content and a properly designed website. ...

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