Meet ‘One Direction’ with Claire’s online competition!

Press Release: Birmingham-based digital agency has been retained by Claire's Accessories to help them promote their ‘One Direction’ online competition, throughout Europe....

What the Facebook is Content Marketing?

The origins of content marketing go back to customer magazines of the early 20th century. It feeds on the desire of the target market to feel informed about the products they are buying. ...

Car Drives Itself – Thanks Google

This marvel of technology is going to affect the way we travel in the future. The possibilities for driverless cars are amazing, and will almost certainly greatly reduce the number of accidents on our roads but ultimately, Google hope we will have more free time to spend on our Nexus 7s!...

A Desk Fit For a Developer

Like most Digital Agencies, we love to build things. Many Developers will agree that there is real satisfaction in spending time on a project - crafting it in to a finished product that they can be proud to have built. But why limit yourself to websites and mobile apps? At Fast Fwd we build our own desks! People always ask where we bought them. We'll show you how to build one....

The Nostalgic Surfer

When I first visited London, it was a large city like any other I had seen, not at all like I expected, in my head it should have been more like York or Edinburgh....

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