Top 5 Marketing Mistakes for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a hard job, during the startup phase they usually have to manage every aspect of their business. That means being Marketing manager, HR manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager and I am sure you get the picture… Given the diverse stresses and strains an entrepreneur finds him or herself subjected too, it is pretty...

Why are all these products staring at me?

Ah, the Massive Eye. Such a comforting symbol, and not all reminiscent of surveillance, literal towers of evil from Lord of the Rings or psychopathic supercomputers named Hal. Which must be why so many tech companies have chosen to adopt a huge eyeball as a central design aspect of their products. I mean look at...

Contentful API First CMS

Have you ever wanted a robust platform to store your published content and separate it entirely from your website or mobile app platform? We’ve used a few platforms that claimed to do this, and even built our own for some specific projects. But in 2015 we came across a new service named Contentful. Contentful is...

You are Making one Mistake and it is Killing Your Sales

The age-old sales adage, “sell benefits not features” is as true today as ever it was. Selling a complex product by the features is a minefield; just ask the Marketing departments at HTC or Sony trying to do battle with Samsung for Android market share. Tech products have so many features that can be described...

How to migrate from Magento Go.

It’s official; as of February 2015 there will be no more Magento Go. The hosted service will be shut down and anyone operating an e-commerce store on the platform will need to migrate to a self-hosted version of Magento or to another hosted service. You can read the notice on Magento’s website here. This will be...

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