Ecommerce without a server-side language

What’s the best server side language for building an eCommerce platform? Python? NodeJs? Ruby? PHP? The answer is none of them, and any of them. They all do the same thing. Some are just a little more elegant and mature than others. It’s all so boring! Thats why I’ve decided to experiment with an idea...

Installing Google PageSpeed module on Apache and Nginx

Google PageSpeed module is an open source server module that can optimise your web server automagically. It can do things some cool things like: Collapse Whitespace Combine CSS Combine JavaScript Defer JavaScript Inline CSS & JS Lazily Load Images Make Images Responsive Optimize Images Remove Comments See for full documentation. For Example, if we...

Continuous integration with Laravel and Travis CI

Developers are inherently lazy. A good lazy developer will always try and find the simplest solution to a problem and make sure it’s tested and formatted correctly so he never has to spend time on it again. A bad lazy developer will haphazardly copy and paste whatever works with a slapdash attitude showing no pragmatic...

The 2017 Budget and Free Trials As a Marketing Tactic

2017 might end up being a difficult year for online marketers. The new looming GDPR which may replace the current Data Protection policies are going to certainly hurt. Now the chancellor may have some more pain to add. Normally the UK Budget isn’t something that we endeavour to cover. However I was scrolling through a...

Website Scraper using Laravel and Goutte

So you want to learn how to satisfy those data cravings, and want to do it all inside of a single Laravel command? Then you’ve come to the right place! Website scraping (in general terms) is the extraction of data from any given website. For this example, we’ll be using the Funko POP! Vinyl website...

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