Trust me, I’m a developer

I’m an Account Executive, and after almost a year at fastfwd, having worked with in-house web developers for the first time, I have to come clean… I have conducted off-the-books research about developers in their natural environment. They are really interesting creatures and amazed by them, I want to share my non-scientific results with the...

Rogue One – A Parasite Hosting Story

I have a list of blackhat SEO tactics that I always intend to write about (it’s what made me well known in the SEO community to begin with) and I love finding little gaps in the algorithm that can be exploited. This week Martin, a long time friend, tweeted: This was a subject I wanted...

Five Non-Technical Tips to On-Page SEO

You are a unique and special snowflake. Nothing else in the entire universe is exactly like you. Your website is also unique, just like your phone, your shirt, car, and even your hairstyle. Except – it’s not, and you’re not. At least, not in any measurable way… well, we are all like bags of potato chips;...

Query Dependent SERP Snippets on Mobile SEO for iOS

TLDR; I manipulated iOS mobile search snippets by using multiple meta descriptions based on widely differing queries for the same page. The overall usage of mobile phones has been moving from strength to strength over the last 10 years. We are truly living in an age where data connectivity and the access to smartphones has changed...

Ecommerce without a server-side language

What’s the best server side language for building an eCommerce platform? Python? NodeJs? Ruby? PHP? The answer is none of them, and any of them. They all do the same thing. Some are just a little more elegant and mature than others. It’s all so boring! Thats why I’ve decided to experiment with an idea...

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