How to make your site multilingual in Umbraco

I enjoy making websites with multiple languages and I have wanted to try making a multilingual website in Umbraco for a while now. My reason for developing in Umbraco is that it is simple and limitless for developers to use. Umbraco has a lot of possible solutions to make a multilingual site, where you can...

Get yourself a faster website with Varnish cache and ESI (edge side includes)

We all want a faster website. Right? Of course we do. It’s a better experience for the user and it will benefit your search engine optimisation – meaning more sales and more conversions. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you (or your development team) to increase the speed of your website. This...

Responsive CSS navigation with animated icon

As a Front End Developer, I’m always looking for new and useful front end tricks. Maybe it’s not necessary but it’s so much fun that I can’t resist. I often struggle with responsive navigation. I don’t like the idea of using JavaScript with it as it is, in my opinion, too much for a simple...

Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Platform for your Application

It’s a Big Decision Engaging an agency to design and build a business critical tool is a very serious task. With business critical software projects, the investment in both human and financial terms will be significant but the business cost of project failure can be astronomical. Much can be said about the process of selecting...

Trust me, I’m a developer

I’m an Account Executive, and after almost a year at fastfwd, having worked with in-house web developers for the first time, I have to come clean… I have conducted off-the-books research about developers in their natural environment. They are really interesting creatures and amazed by them, I want to share my non-scientific results with the...

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