Brand Development

What comes to mind when you think about brand development? A catchy name? A lavish logo? It’s a good start, but branding is more than that. It’s about how you present your business to the world and how the world thinks of your business.

Sleek. Stylish. Strategic. At fastfwd, we know branding. We are a brand development agency specialising in developing brands that are optimised for the digital environment. With a team of brand experts ready to reinterpret your branding, we can help you reach new audiences while staying true to your core values.

The world is moving. Fast. We know you want to keep up. Established global brands are recognising that their methods aren’t translating to new media channels. The mobile and social media world is an entirely different space. We can help you stay relevant without losing what makes you unique. From initial concepts for start-ups to developing a brand strategy for growing companies to giving a stagnant brand a much-needed refresh, we cover all areas of brand development.

Branding matters. Stand out from the crowd with a truly exceptional strategy.

Branding Services

We exist for you. As a full-service creative branding company, we offer a range of services to take your brand from basic to brilliant. Some of the branding services we offer our clients include:

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand-Building services
  • Brand Strategy

Stop guessing. Start strategizing. Many growing businesses neglect to put a brand strategy in place. They get caught up in finances and management and forget about creative brand work. Branding is more than your image. It’s a key feature in developing a successful business model.

Branding provides structure. Once your brand is established, the rest of the business operations reflects the brand and its principles. Some of the world’s biggest companies have survived challenges on the strength of their brand alone. A strong brand builds trust. It keeps you at the top of customers’ minds. It shows potential customers that you’re worth their time.

Brilliant brands aren’t built overnight. They require investment, patience and a robust brand strategy. Our branding brains can work with your company to help develop a unique brand that will position you as a market leader and give you a competitive edge. We’ll review your current brand, analyse your market position and check out your competitors. We’ll investigate who your customers are, understand what they need and give your brand a sparkling new personality. Together, we can make you shine.

Our Branding Process

We don’t rush, and we certainly don’t guess. At fastfwd, we use tried and tested techniques that work. Our branding process combines craftsmanship, collaboration and creativity to ensure that your branding hits the mark:

  • Discovery: what are you all about? Our first stage involves listening and engaging with you to understand your perspective. From stakeholder interviews to competitor analysis to reviewing existing assets, we make sure we understand your needs.
  • Distillation: it’s not going back to basics. Distillation means building the foundations of what you stand for. This might involve workshops, a statement of mission and writing up new “brand pillars”. One small concept can create countless big results.
  • Ideation: creativity sells. In our ideation stage, we think about brand names, logos, slogans and copy. Ideas are our infrastructure. We have plenty.
  • Application: it’s time to bring your brand to life. This might include brand story development, rolling out your brand across communications and designing digital and print media like websites and brochures. Your brand is a narrative. We want you to tell the best possible story.
  • Governance: consistency is key. At our final stage, we help to create brand guidelines so everyone is on the same page. As your brand guardians, our ongoing services ensure you never feel out of sync.

Brand Design

Visually vibrant. Cleverly crafted. A strong brand comes with a memorable visual representation. What makes you stand out?

Our creative team work closely with brand strategists and customers to produce visual brand design. From logos, colours, fonts and real-world application examples, we can boost your brand instantly. A well designed visual brand builds confidence. Your team will love what they do. Your customers will see you as market leader in your industry.

Fastfwd is flexible. Our brand strategy and design specialists can do everything from tweaking your logo to completely renovating your entire brand. We listen and respond, for services catered to your needs. Confidence for your colleagues. Confidence for your customers.

Branding and Digital Marketing

Branding is about communication. The best businesses combine visuals and communication to get the word out. A brand aiming for balance creates an exciting challenge.

We like a challenge. As a full-service brand development agency, our in-house team of digital marketing experts range from SEO specialists to PPC experts. Versatile, dedicated and digitally-minded, our marketing team know how to help build a brand. Whether it’s encouraging brand-related searches in Google or using PPC ads to get your message to your audience, we know what to do.

Brand Values and Tone of Voice

Completely consistent. Yet adaptable to change. The best brands know how to stick to their values while riding social variation.

Developing a brand over time requires consistency. You need constant effort and a clear vision for the future of the brand. Brand values are key. They should be documented and well-thought-out, with processes in place to ensure consistency. Stay true to your founding principles. Those communicating for your brand need a deep understanding of what the brand means. What does it stand for? Where is it positioned on any number of issues?

At fastfwd, we help you answer those questions. It’s all about guidelines. Our branding specialists work with you to confirm your guidelines are solid. We ensure you can maintain brand management over time and navigate changes in the social mood.

But what about hostility online? Negativity isn’t nice, but it’s inevitable. Your team must know how to deal with negative comments online. We can help incorporate this into training and find ways to get more customer reviews online. At fastfwd, we help you handle anything the online universe throws at you.

Full-Service Branding

Branding is business. Sleek yet supportive, we aren’t just about visuals. We understand that your brand is what makes your business truly unique and tells your audience what you’re about. At fastfwd, we think about the bigger picture.

We are a branding agency in Birmingham that goes deeper. Our range of expertise and experience has enabled us to work with some of the world’s biggest brands. From tech start-ups to established companies in the financial services sector, we understand what businesses need. If you’re looking to update your brand or to grow your current brand, please contact our team.

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