Linesight Careers A Whole New Perspective


Innovation. Teamwork. Growth. Every business is built on its people, and in that spirit, the Careers page on any business’ website should be anything but an afterthought.

Linesight understand that, and – during our redesign and rebuild of their website – requested that we create an industry-leading Careers page.

Meticulously constructed to convert, the new Linesight Careers page is custom built to attract the talented individuals that will shape Linesight’s future.

A different light

The primary creative challenge of this project was to design the Careers page with a distinct look and feel from the ‘main’ website, whilst unifying the two by making use of shared brand elements on all sections of the site.

While the rest of the site was designed with a more corporate approach in mind, we took the Careers section in a more dynamic, personal direction. This is a page that makes applicants feel welcome.

Designed to be approachable yet polished, friendly yet professional, the page mirrors the company’s people-centric thinking and matches the dynamism of a constantly evolving industry.

linesight careers design

A vivid brand

Ambitious in its scope, we designed and built the Linesight Careers page to be a beacon to the best talent in the industry, reflecting the fresh modernity and deep-rooted expertise of the Linesight brand.

We employed the well of research and careers-specific brand input provided by Linesight to guide the branding application during the design process.

It’s essential for employers to stand out in a competitive job market. Inspired by the vivid, prismatic brand palette, the design of the Careers section represents the company’s multifaceted and dynamic voice.

Light, bright, and vibrant, colours and geometric shapes stack to create an immediately recognisable identity designed to stand out to potential applicants.


A structured search engine strategy

How will potential applicants find your Careers page? It’s an important question to have at the forefront of your recruitment strategy. To lead in the search engine results pages, and top applicants’ job searches, a search-optimised page is key.

Our SEO team worked on optimising the structure and content of not only the Careers page, but the whole website, to propel the brand’s content to the forefront of the SERPs.

The Careers page, as one of our identified priority areas, was provisioned with its own focused strategy to ensure search success.


Component-led design

We believe in working smarter. Our creative team is every bit as efficient and logical as our site engineers. By breaking down the sections of the website’s design work into smaller, more manageable pieces, we could quickly scale up and reuse these for future use.

Putting people first

Imagery is key to spike engagement, and images of people are particularly successful at doing so. For a recruitment-centric page focusing on building human capital, this is especially true.

Putting the amazing custom photography provided by Linesight front and centre, images of people form the heart of our design.

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