App Development

We craft stunning, streamlined mobile and web apps that do exactly what you need them to. Beautiful tech with an eye on the commercial and creative. Efficiently executed and agile, like all we do.

App Development Services

Fastfwd offer a range of app development services, including:

  • Web app development
  • App consultancy
  • iOS app development
  • Android app development
  • App design
  • App development project management
  • DevOps services

A great app is a beautiful tool, inspiring delight in its users with intelligent design. Our custom app development services hinge on seamless user experience and efficient allocation of resource, to ensure that each app development project is a creative and commercial success.

Our collaborative culture involves you at every stage of your app’s development, and fuses multiple layers of expertise to inform every build.

As a full service digital agency, nothing is created in isolation. From UX and design, to digital marketing and development, our blended expertise ensures that your app is conceived as a true whole.

App Development Consultant

We adapt to fit your needs. Fastfwd’s app development consultancy service was created to provide you with maximum flexibility, so you can dip into our pool of expertise as necessary.

Our app development consultants can accompany you through the full app development process as trusted guides, helping to drive your project forwards. Or, we can collaborate with your internal team to achieve particular milestones, flowing to fill the gaps when you need our advice.

We exist for you – and we know that each business is wonderfully different. Our app development consultancy allows us to mould precisely to the shape of who you are, and what your project needs.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services

No constraints. No boundaries. Our adventurous apps span multiple platforms, with creative concepts and adaptive technology that don’t need to be chained down.

Our cross platform mobile app development services cover platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

The team behind our cross platform mobile app development services are well placed to advise you on the ideal framework for your project.

Enterprise App Development Services

We are your enterprise solutions architects. With extensive experience working with the complex requirements of various corporate clients, our enterprise app development services are designed with real businesses in mind.

Our process is engineered for maximum agility, with an empathic core that strives to understand and anticipate your needs. We know that security, time to market, and budget tend to be key business concerns – and over the years, our model for enterprise app development services has evolved to accommodate all of these requirements.

We offer enterprise app development services to fit your needs, including:

  • Billing systems
  • Payment processing systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Supplier relationship management systems
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Authentication systems
  • HR management systems
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • Messaging systems

IOS and Android App Development Services

Slick, streamlined mobile apps that function equally well on iOS and Android. We conceive stunning mobile experiences for your users.

Fastfwd is among the top mobile app development agencies in Birmingham for a reason. Creatively ambitious, technically sharp, unafraid of simplicity; our blended team ensures that your user is always in focus – whatever device they are using.

We can accompany you through any part of your app’s design-build process (and thereafter), helping to engineer the perfect concept and make it reality.

Our iOS and Android app development services are on hand to help you with:

  • Mobile wireframing
  • iOS development services
  • Android development services
  • Cross-device mobile application testing
  • Native app development services

And our work proudly speaks for itself.

HTML5 App Development Services

Mobile and web apps built in HTML5 function cross-platform, offering you fantastic flexibility.

HTML5 mobile applications are frequently a favourite of clients seeking efficiency and elasticity in terms of development costs and maintenance. Building your application in HTML5 means that when an update is required, you need only update a single application, rather than diffusing your focus over multiple OS.

And we are here to guide you. Fastfwd’s HTML5 app development services provide particular support during the scoping phase, helping you make the key decision between building an app natively or in HTML5.

Throughout our sessions with you, the aim of our HTML5 app development services is always to create the ideal technical solution to meet your requirements. Our development team is on hand with the skills to advise on the build that will work best for you.

Laravel App Development Services

Elegantly expressive. Accessible yet powerful. Fuelled by our extensive experience building beautiful Laravel applications, this fluid PHP framework is a fastfwd favourite.

Our Laravel app development services celebrate the creativity and technical verve made possible by its smooth syntax in every project.

The efficiency of Laravel matches the fastfwd ethos, and makes the build process incredibly smooth. We have employed our expert Laravel app development services in cutting-edge projects for clients like HJI and Ascendx; creating expansive, intuitive digital experiences that flex to fulfil user needs.

eCommerce App Development

Boost growth and supercharge sales, with our eCommerce app development services.

With the right technology on your side, eCommerce app development can pave the way to achieving your business aims. Extensive experience creating eCommerce applications on web and mobile means that we are well placed to assist.

Our brand of support is logic-driven, and marked by clear goals. We help you drive conversions, seamlessly. Our eCommerce app development process incorporates cross-agency input from our entire team, in keeping with our holistic approach.

Your eCommerce app’s development is part of a glorious, interconnected whole – a bigger picture that never leaves our sight. Informing our build strategy with that wider context means that our apps are positioned to get results. Your app’s UX will be enriched by data, and optimised for maximum performance at every stage of the customer life cycle.

We offer the following eCommerce app development services:

  • Digital strategy for eCommerce business models
  • eCommerce app consultancy
  • Web development of eCommerce apps
  • Mobile app development for eCommerce
  • eCommerce-specific UX
  • Wireframing for eCommerce applications
  • eCommerce app development design
  • Post-launch monitoring and reporting

Hybrid App Development UK

Go hybrid. Find the best of both worlds by bringing elements of native and web applications together. Hybrid app development involves the creation of a web-based core application within a native exterior, meaning faster build times and a cost effective approach.

Let us help you find out if the hybrid method could be right for your project. We provide extra support during the scoping phase, helping you to create a technical brief for your application that makes commercial as well as creative sense. Our dedicated project managers involve you at every step of the process, bringing technical talent and clarity of communication to the fore.

Certain propositions simply work best being hybrid, and we believe in doing our part to drive hybrid app development in the UK forward. Versatile, efficient and feature-rich, hybrid apps can offer fantastic benefits, reducing time and cost to market.

Whether you are seeking to breathe life into a flagship MVP for your business, or add an additional layer to your existing line of business with a user-friendly app, a hybrid application could be the ideal solution for your business and your customers.

App Developers in Birmingham

We have helped clients around the world to achieve their optimum. As a digital business, operationally we are ‘located’ everywhere. But our heart, and the fastfwd head office, are in Birmingham.

Our app development process is spearheaded by our fearless team of app developers in the centre of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter – the city’s thriving creative hub. Both locally and internationally, we have brought numerous app development projects to fruition, creating digital experiences that excite and delight users.

Get in touch to find out how we can bring your app to life. We would love to see you – virtually or otherwise.

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