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Laravel is a power-packed PHP web development framework. We use it to rapidly build production-quality web applications that are well structured, easy to maintain, robust under pressure and secure. At fastfwd, we have worked with many web frameworks, but Laravel is the one that gets our development team excited!

Not just for websites, we use Laravel to build backend business platforms, order management software, talent management systems, subscription platforms, learning management systems and a host of other web-based applications. It’s also a great framework to handle authentication of mobile app users and to deliver content to mobiles via its API.

Laravel has a large community of developers globally, making it a safe choice for your next project. It is the fastest growing PHP framework and is part of an ecosystem that includes conferences, online training, server management, online deployments and a SaaS starter kit.

We have a portfolio of projects built on the Laravel PHP framework and would be happy to talk with you about the enormous possibilities of using it for your next big idea.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web development frameworks around. Because of its versatility and ease of use, PHP is a popular choice for web developers and companies globally. So why use PHP in website development? The recent trend in website development is to create sites which are structurally complex. And complexity takes time!

However with the help of the Laravel framework (which uses PHP), this process can be made a lot simpler and faster. For this reason, professional web developers love Laravel because of its performance, features and scalability. No matter the project our team is working on, Laravel can easily be personalised for big or small development projects.

Why Use Laravel?

Apart from being highly popular, there’s a ton of reasons why your website should be built in Laravel, such as:

  • It’s very efficient: Laravel is known for being a fuss-free approach to development, as many of the widely used features and tools are already integrated into the framework. This saves a lot of time (and cost) in the development process.
  • Can easily be scaled: The clean and simple code makes Laravel websites easy to expand and develop on in the future.
  • Complete versatility: If your website project requires a wide range of complex functionalities and features, then Laravel is most definitely the framework for you!
  • Create bespoke systems: Whatever your needs, Laravel gives the flexibility to create a wide range of systems and functionalities for your websites.
  • Supports user experience and design practices: Create the website you want without compromising user experience or design.
  • High security: Compared to some other development frameworks, your data will be safer from cyber-attacks and malware activity when using Laravel.

Laravel Use Cases

If you’re still not convinced that Laravel is the right framework for your website. Then you might want to think again after you read this list of popular use cases for the Laravel platform:

  • Bespoke Performance Dashboards: Create lightweight performance dashboards for your team.
  • SaaS subscription billing: Create a billing system which allows per-account or per-user billing and invoicing.
  • Booking Applications: Creating a system that allows users to book for an event or to submit applications.
  • E-commerce Solutions: Web applications that allow you to build your own eCommerce store quickly.
  • Social sign-in integration: Allow users to log in to your site using their social media accounts and even create accounts.
  • API development: Set up APIs that can be integrated with third-party apps to make your website processes easier and efficient.

Of course, the list of Laravel use cases is endless due to the versatility of the framework. In fact, our team of Laravel developers can create custom-built websites or web applications to your every specific need, no matter how complex.

Laravel Development Services

Interested in hiring a team of Laravel developers for your next big project? Fastfwd is not your ordinary Lavavel Development agency! We offer a range of Laravel development services, including

  • Laravel CRM integration
  • CMS Development
  • Laravel Web Application Development
  • Laravel template design
  • Custom website development
  • Responsive website development
  • E-commerce development
  • Laravel Payment Integration
  • Laravel Application cloud-hosting
  • Laravel Web Migration
  • And more...

Hire a Laravel Developer

Switching from a legacy framework to Laravel provided huge performance gains, while giving us new power and flexibility to extend the platform".


CGFirst® is a corporate governance management system, providing companies with a way to schedule and work at paperless board meetings, as well as improve corporate administration processes.

We chose Laravel to power the CGFirst® front-end web application as well as the native iOS and Android mobile apps. Using powerful APIs in the Laravel application, we have been able to exchange data quickly and securely between the front-end and the back-end business application.

Switching from a legacy framework to Laravel provided huge performance gains, while giving us new power and flexibility to extend the platform, building new modules and new features. The system has been well received by users and has allowed for a brighter development roadmap.

Best Laravel Developers

Fastfwd are experts in Laravel development. We are more than just a Laravel agency based in Birmingham. We are probably the best Laravel development company in the UK with some of the biggest clients under our belt. Give us a call to see how we are different.

When you work with us you get a team of developers with years of experience in PHP, in-depth knowledge of Laravel and have worked with some of the biggest clients around. And because Laravel is the most efficient framework for creating bespoke web applications, this means it requires little time and frustration to create a magnificent and unique website for your company.

Here at fastfwd, we take a collaborative approach to web development. Unlike some other development agencies, we have in-house designers, UX specialists and developers which working together can guarantee you the best result.

And beyond all that experience, our project managers are technically trained in all things development and digital. This means they can offer you the best assistance when it comes to managing your website project. Our experienced project managers can offer you complete transparency when it comes to timescales, costs and any other information you need.

Laravel Maintenance and Support

We don’t just develop websites or web apps at fastfwd, we also offer our clients long-term support. After all, what good is a broken website to your customers? Our team of experienced Laravel developers offer a ton of maintenance and support services, such as:

  • Code optimisation
  • Version upgrades
  • Software Patching
  • Fixing broken or non-performing web applications
  • Integrating Laravel with third-party apps
  • Migrating to the latest Laravel
  • Security reviews and more

Fastfwd really is the all-in-one Laravel agency you need for your next project!

We're always open to having a chat so you can see if we're the right agency for your project. Send us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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