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Contentful is a highly scalable cloud based CMS. It was built “API first” to provide customers with a way to quickly bring their content to new websites, mobile apps and business applications. While developers love its flexibility, editors love how easy it is to work with their content.

Publishers and digital marketers often prefer to manage web content without writing HTML. Contentful will save time and money – providing a simple publishing experience using markdown. This eliminates the need to have staff manually style content for each article.

Contentful serves as a single repository for all your content. A single article in the CMS can populate a website page or mobile app without republishing. With Contentful your content management stays in one place, even if you completely redesign your website!

Using Contentful resulted in a visibly shorter path to publishing, leaving us free to focus on the substance of the materials we put out there”.

Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems appointed Fast Fwd to design and build an app showcasing their Confocal imaging technology. Fast Fwd produced a beautiful iPad app, originally running on the WordPress CMS. With the release of Contentful, the limitations of using a traditional website CMS to serve content to a mobile app became obvious. The app was switched to Contentful and benefits were seen immediately

In addition to the simplicity and reliability advantages of moving to Contentful. The app has gaines a significant improvement in performance. Load time has been reduced to less than half of what it was with the WordPress CMS.

Contentful sets a new standard for simplicity, usability and flexibility for digital publishing platforms. It is truly a joy to work with for developers and publishers alike.

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