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Umbraco is a powerful, open source .NET CMS.

Its simplicity and almost limitless potential make it the CMS of choice for many organisations. There are approximately 90,000 sites using Umbraco around the world. Many Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest media websites globally use this CMS.

Because of its intuitive interface, users can begin working with Umbraco within minutes. Content writers love Umbraco’s easy to understand tree-view of pages and WYSIWYG page editor. Umbraco benefits from a large international community of users and developers. It also has the stability of full commercial support and professional tools.

Umbraco is not just for websites, although it does produces beautiful, fast and powerful websites. Umbraco is also great for creating commercial cloud software solutions. Our clients use Umbraco for websites, mobile apps, training and Internal communications applications.

There are many CMS options available but Umbraco stands tall as a corporate friendly solution. Its security, flexibility and compatibility with other Microsoft tech makes it a compelling choice".

UnitedHealthcare Global

We chose the Umbraco CMS for the new UnitedHealthcare Global website. Many large organisations are invested in Microsoft based infrastructure, and so need their web properties to be built using ASP .NET.

What’s more, for a multi billion dollar organisation like UnitedHealthcare, security, reliability and trust are essential, and so the enterprise-friendly Umbraco fit the bill. Umbraco’s user management provides powerful roles, permissions and audit tools.

The result is overwhelmingly positive: a beautiful site with a rich user experience. Linking up with UnitedHealthcare’s CRM tools, the website has become an integral part of the product and content marketing cycle.

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