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Web development never fails to excite us. Code holds the power to create, educate and innovate. Our developers have a passion for coding that drives us to investigate new languages and technology, so that we can always present our clients with the language that best suits their purpose.


PHP Web Development

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As far as coding languages go, PHP is by far the most popular language to use in web development. Not only is it one of the most versatile languages in existence, it is also one of the quickest ways to develop a site. Whether it’s a simple blog or an all-out eCommerce site, our talented PHP developers can help you build the best website possible. Our all-in-one PHP team covers a range of services, from website development to maintenance and CMS development.

No matter the challenge, fastfwd are ready to help. We have the in-house talent of some of the best PHP developers in the UK, combined with the best technology and an agile approach to development. We’ll deliver a polished website delivered to you on time and at top quality.


.NET Web Development

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What do you expect from your website? Security, performance, clean code? The .NET web development framework will give you all of these things. Choosing the ASP .NET framework for your site means you’ll have a secure and high performing site. It gives developers the freedom to choose from a range of programming languages and gives you the best website for your business.

If you’re looking for a full-cycle .NET development company, then fastfwd should be your top choice. We cover all areas of .NET development, from custom web development to maintenance and integration services. We believe our experience and skill makes us one of the best .NET development companies in the UK and the ideal choice for your next web project.


Laravel Development

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Laravel is one of the most efficient, versatile and secure PHP frameworks around. Not only is it one of the fastest growing PHP frameworks, it is also among the most used frameworks in the world. This framework can be used for a range of web projects, not solely websites. With Laravel, you have the ability to build order management software, learning management systems, subscription platforms, and more. Laravel smooths and streamlines to allow you to be ambitious with your projects.

At fastfwd, we are lucky enough to have the one of the best teams of Laravel developers in the UK. They are experienced in developing a range of Laravel projects – from bespoke performance dashboards to talent management systems. We also cover a range of Laravel development services including CRM integration, web migration and custom web development.