Site Migration Strategy

Site migrations can get really messy. If they aren’t carried out correctly, they can impact your search engine rankings, website content can get lost, plugins and other site features could stop working. In fact, anything can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing or do not have a detailed migration plan to mitigate potential downfalls.

For this reason, it is important to hire the site migration experts to help you. Fastfwd have years of experience, migrating all sorts of sites to new servers, hosting providers, to a CMS (content management system) of your choice and even switching from HTTP to HTTPS.

We’ll make sure that your site migration goes as smoothly as possible, with little impact on your organic search rankings and site performance.

Our Website Migration Process

Site migrations can be stressful and lengthy – The good news is that our site migration services are fully managed. This means you can focus on your business, leaving us to manage the whole site migration process for you!

While most agencies only focus on the SEO aspect of site migrations, fastfwd consider the entire process. This is everything from pre-planning your site migration to fixing any post-launch issues. During this process, we constantly review your site performance and any potential SEO issues, including referencing a pre launch crawl map to ensure that the post launch maps match. .

At the pre-launch stage, we’ll come up with a site migration plan, checklist and timeline. We would also completely crawl the site, building a map of its structure and have a list of key elements to maintain. This will keep you up-to-speed with our plans and when you can expect the site migration to be completed. At each step of the way, our project managers will keep you posted on the current status of the site migration, making the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Once everything has been reviewed, approved and sorted we will migrate your site over, paying special attention to its performance. Then at the post-launch stage, our in-house site migration specialists and technical SEO experts will rigorously test and review your site. Any issues identified at this stage will be fixed straight away, so they have minimal impact on your search rankings and site performance.

The aim of this service is to make sure our in-house team of site migration experts, developers and technical SEO specialists will ensure that the migration is problem-free, stress-free and quick to launch with hopefully minimal impacts in your sites organic performance.

WordPress Site Migration Service

There are many reasons why you might need a specialist WordPress site migration service such as:

  • You want to make a local WordPress site live.
  • You are moving to another hosting provider.
  • You are moving a subdomain to the main directory
  • Your site structure is changing.
  • You are redesigning the site.

While it might seem simple to migrate a WordPress site, many problems can arise through migration, such as losing site content, dropping in organic rankings, breaking key features; the list goes on.

Our team are experts in migrating WordPress sites with many years of experience in dealing with the simplest to most complex migrations. As part of our WordPress site migration service, we’ll include website back-ups and post-launch configurations in case there is a need to roll back for whatever reason.

HTTPS Migration Service

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS is essential especially if you are dealing with ecommerce or user data. Not only do HTTPS domains get a small ranking boost in search engines, but it also shows your users that your site is secure and protects their personal data.

While HTTPS domains are a must, many companies lack the expertise and understanding to migrate their site to HTTPS without impacting their search rankings. It’s not as simple as just contacting your hosting provider and then installing the SSL certificate. There is a whole checklist of tasks to perform in addition to installing the certificate, which includes:

  • Installing the SSL certificate on your webserver
  • Updating the 301 redirects
  • Updating HTML sitemaps
  • Making the appropriate configurations in Google Search Console
  • And the list goes on…

By hiring a site migration expert, you can feel assured that your website and SEO performance will not be affected by the migration. This is essential, as the biggest issue most companies have when migrating their site over to HTTPS is seeing a big drop in their organic search rankings.

If you have recently migrated to https and have had a dip in performance or rankings, feel free to give our team a call to see if we have help with recovery.