Mobile Web Design

With mobile users growing each year, a mobile-friendly website is a necessity. In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, mobile users expect their experience to offer the same quality and key features as your desktop site.

Missing key features and broken website elements will not cut it on mobile. Our team of mobile-friendly web designers design from the ground up, so that users are guaranteed a great experience across devices. We take a mobile-first approach when it comes to designing websites and apps, so your site will work perfectly on any screen size or device.

Why Is Mobile Web Design Important?

Just over 50% of overall internet traffic is on mobile. It is almost guaranteed that your target audience – whether B2B or B2C – have a smartphone. Consider your own smartphone use as an example; the world is busy, and we use our smartphone for a range of reasons, such as checking emails, making purchases, or researching. It’s hard to get away from your smartphone and the same goes for your target audience. From a business point of view, this presents a great opportunity to capture these mobile visits and convert them into sales!

Mobile web design allows you to specifically cater to the needs of your mobile users with the goal of creating a spectacular mobile user experience. By focusing on mobile design first, your business can benefit in many ways:

  • Gain a unique competitive advantage
  • Improve your organic search visibility
  • Boost your mobile device conversions
  • Create the best customer experience possible
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates

A mobile-first design will help your business grow leaps and bounds and really help you sky-rocket your sales and revenue. Now that’s an investment worth making!

Our Mobile Web Design Services

Fastfwd offer a range of bespoke mobile design services to make your website or app mobile-ready:

  • Mobile UI Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile-friendly Website Design
  • eCommerce Mobile Design

Whether you’re a tech start-up designing your next app or an eCommerce site seeking to improve your mobile conversions, our mobile designers have the skills and experience to reach your goals.

Best Mobile App Design Company

Whether you want to create an informative app or a fun mobile game, fastfwd has all the expertise you need. Our design team can help you create flawlessly unique app designs that will excite your users and boost your conversions. We don’t just design mobile apps that are visually stunning; we design mobile apps to really satisfy your users and get you results.

Our app designers are experienced in working on a range of different apps, as well as creating custom iPhone apps, enterprise iPhone apps and Android apps. If you’re looking for experienced app designers, fastfwd is the perfect partner.

Mobile UI Design Company

User interaction (UI) design is essential to any website or app. A good mobile UI should make it as easy as possible for your users to navigate and use your site. This could mean anything from cleaning up the navigation to keeping the structure of your pages simple for mobile users.

At fastfwd, all of our mobile web designers follow a user-centric approach to design. We keep the user at the forefront. To ensure that we deliver an excellent mobile UI design to every client, we follow a tried and true design process. Our process involves user research, journey mapping, sitemaps and mock-ups to develop a strong mobile UI for your app or mobile site. This means that each mobile UI we produce is strong, bespoke and delivers great results, satisfying clients and end users.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design Company

Mobile-first design isn’t solely for apps; it is also crucial for your company website. More and more people are using their smartphones to research companies, read the latest news and enquire about particular services or products. If your website is glitchy on mobile devices, it’s more likely that your users will turn to a competitor to satisfy their needs. Don’t risk losing valuable customers by having a subpar mobile site.

Google’s move to a mobile-first indexing approach also highlights the importance of designing with the mobile user in mind. A good mobile site is key for SEO. Ensure that the content that you serve to your desktop users is exactly the same as on mobile; it is this mobile version of your site that Google will primarily use to index your website.

Invest in having a website that works perfectly cross-device, so that you can capture sales from all touchpoints and devices. Our mobile-first approach in designing websites will guarantee that your website is performing at it’s best no matter how users experience it.

eCommerce Mobile Design Services

With more and more eCommerce companies prioritising the mobile experience, and ensuring that mobile users are catered for, you can’t afford to get left behind in the dark ages. Bring your eCommerce site into the light with a stunning mobile design that captures all-important mobile sales. With big online retailers (likely including your competitors) investing in their mobile site, it is essential to focus on mobile-friendly website design.

Are you looking for experienced mobile web designers or app designers? Contact our team to hire some of the best mobile designers in the UK!