Ecommerce Design

Based on current trends, experts believe that 95% of purchases will be made online by the year 2040.

Whether it’s your weekly grocery shopping or a new refrigerator, everything can be purchased online these days. Buying online is becoming the norm and smart retailers know this. The online world presents a great opportunity for retailers, whether you’re a brick and mortar business or an online-only eCommerce site.

You have the opportunity to go global, reach new customers and offer a unique digital experience that sets you apart from your competitors. But to get to that level, you need to have an unbelievably good eCommerce site. Everything from your website homepage to the checkout page needs to be on point and ready to serve your customers.

As an experienced eCommerce design agency, fastfwd has designed and developed a range of eCommerce sites to the highest standard. In other words, we have helped our clients to create and maintain great eCommerce systems that encourage conversion, boost sales and process orders with ease.

Custom eCommerce Web Design Services

We offer a range of design services specially made for eCommerce sites. All of our eCommerce design services have one ultimate goal. And that is to super-charge your online sales:


  • eCommerce Website Design
  • eCommerce Mobile App Design
  • Online Store Logo Design
  • eCommerce Checkout Page Design
  • Product Listing Page Design

Our eCommerce Website Design Process

A spectacular eCommerce web design doesn’t happen by magic. You need a solid process and strategy in place to get the ball rolling. Fastfwd follows a solid eCommerce web design process to get the best possible results for our clients:

  • Client Meeting: Tell us about your goals, your vision and requirements for your eCommerce site.
  • Research: We review your current site or/and your competitors to come up with the best strategy for your eCommerce site.
  • Brainstorming session: Whatever your needs, we’ll draw up a range of ideas and use wireframes to help you visualise your new site.
  • Design: Feedback gathered, research complete. Now it’s time to start designing your eCommerce site. Here we will work with our UX experts to make sure that the new design is ready to convert your users.
  • Handover: Time to review your eCommerce site design and obtain sign off, ready for production. Everything from the product listing page to the checkout and homepage is reviewed and refined, so that you are fully confident with the look, feel, and user journey of your digital product.
  • Development (Optional): Our in-house team of developers can help turn your eCommerce design into a working site, ready for business.

Our robust eCommerce website design process allows us to create phenomenal eCommerce sites for our clients every time.

Ecommerce Website Design

A good eCommerce website design finds the right balance between content and conversions. You want enough content to keep search engines happy and inform your users, but you don’t want this content to overwhelm. This isn’t an easy thing to achieve alone, but our eCommerce website designers have years of experience in designing eCommerce sites.

Our designers know how to create an eye-catching homepage and a clean and simple checkout page. Our polished designs give users the right amount of information at the right time to push them towards conversions. And we make sure that your products are the stars of the show through beautiful image galleries and responsive product listing pages.

eCommerce Mobile App Design

You might be solely focused on improving mobile conversions and want a dedicated mobile app to capture those users. In that case, our eCommerce designers can create a stunning mobile app design based on the web version of your site. Catering to mobile users requires thought and strategy, but we’ll make sure that everything from content to checkout is made easy and simple for your users.

We know that mobile users are often in a rush, so we’ll focus on ensuring that the check-out process is as quick and as secure as possible. Our UX experts can work with you to plan a mobile user journey that is designed to boost your mobile sales, and our marketing team can help you measure the results.

Online Store Logo Design

New to the world of eCommerce? You’re likely to need a memorable logo for your online store. Marketers and businesses across the world have learned never to underestimate the power of a good logo and what it can do for your business. A well-conceived logo design can attract attention, create brand recognition and make sure your customers keep you mind. Ensure your logo doesn’t let down your eCommerce site; work with us to create a spectacular and unique logo for your business.

Best eCommerce Website Design Company in the UK

Whether you’re looking to boost your current eCommerce sales or planning on launching an eCommerce site, fastfwd are ready to help out. We have the experience and knowledge in designing eCommerce sites to drive an increase in digital sales.

Take action today, and reach out to an experienced eCommerce design agency to give your eCommerce site a push in the right direction. Contact our team today if you would like to conceive or redesign an eCommerce site.