Brand Development

Developing a brand requires more than a catchy name and a cool logo – although that never hurts. Branding is how you present your business to the world and how the world thinks of your business.

fastfwd is a professional branding agency in Birmingham specialising in developing brands that are optimised for the digital environment. Established global brands are recognising that their traditional brand did not always translate to new media channels, and seemed out of place on mobile and social media. Our brand experts are ready to reinterpret your branding for the digital space in a way that stays true to your core brand values but reaches new audiences on new platforms.

We can help you with everything from initial concepts for startups to developing a brand strategy for growing companies and giving a stagnant brand a much-needed refresh. Strong branding is about uncovering what makes your business truly unique and encourages your audience engage with you.

Branding Services

As a full-service branding agency, we offer a range of services to help you transform your brand into something you can really be proud of! Some of the branding services we offer our clients include:

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand-Building services

Brand Strategy

Many growing businesses neglect to put a brand strategy in place. They tend to be too caught up in the every-day running of the business to put energy into developing the brand. Sometimes the rationale is that developing a brand has no impact on their bottom-line and sales. The reality is that developing a brand is a key ingredient in developing a successful business model.  Once your brand is established, the rest of the business operations fall into place as a reflection of the brand and its principles. Some of the worlds biggest companies have ridden through difficult reading conditions on the strength of their brand alone. A strong brand builds trusts, keeps you at the top of customer’s minds and gives potential customers a sense of comfort when they start to work with you.

Strong brands are not built overnight. They require investment, hard work, patience and a robust brand strategy to guide your company forward. Our branding specialists can work with your company to help you develop a unique brand that will position you as a market leader and give you a competitive edge. We’ll review your current brand, analyse your market position and competitors. We will investigate who your customers are, understand what they need from you and give your brand a sparkling new personality.

Brand Design

A strong brand comes with a memorable visual representation. Our creative team work closely with brand strategists and customers to produce visual brand design, logos, colours, fonts and real-world application examples that enable you to run with your new brand from day one. A well designed visual brand will fill your team with confidence that they are working for a dynamic and professional organisation. It will also convince your customers that you are a market leader in your industry. Our brand design specialists can do everything from tweaking your logo to completely renovating your entire brand.

Branding and Digital Marketing

Brand communications are just as important as brand visuals. Getting the word out about your business in a way that enhances your brand is an exciting challenge for marketing professionals. As a full-service agency fastfwd have an in-house team of digital marketing experts ranging from SEO specialists to PPC experts. Our marketing team can help build your brand in a number of ways, such as encouraging brand-related searches in Google or using PPC ads to get your message to your audience.

Brand Values, and Tone of Voice

Developing a brand over time requires consistent effort and a clear vision for the future of the brand. A lot of consideration needs to inform brand values; these need to be well documented and well-thought-out, with processes in place to ensure consistency. The best way to avoid offending your target customers is to stay true to your founding principles. For that to happen, the people communicating for your brand need to have a deep understanding of what the brand means, what it stands for and where it is positioned on any number of issues. Our branding specialists can work with your team to ensure that there are processes and guidelines in place for managing your brand over time and through changes in the social mood.

One of the most important skills to incorporate into brand communications training is how to deal with negative comments online, and how to respond to reviews and hostility. Additionally, it helps in such cases to have an established process for getting more customer reviews online to make sure that positivity surrounds your brand.

Full-Service Branding

We are one of the best full-service digital branding agencies in the UK. Our range of expertise and experience has enabled us to work with some of the world’s biggest brands – everything from tech start-ups to established companies in the financial services sector. If you’re looking to update your brand or to grow your current brand, then please contact our team.