Audience Development

Understanding and building the right audience profile is one of the key competitive edges businesses should consider.

Knowing who your audience is, what their profiles are, what their socio-economic backgrounds are, what the age groups, what their buying habits are, when they like to buy, are all important elements of building a full audience profile. In addition to building and understanding an audience profile, will also allow you to grow your audience using a range of tactics.

Customer Profiling

Do you know who your customers are? You might think you do, but unless you can specifically define them by age, interests, location and other specific characteristics, then it’s back to the drawing board. Our customer profiling service is primarily designed to help businesses find the ideal target market for their products and services. By finding your ideal target market you’ll be able to lower your marketing costs and offer more value to potential customers through personalising your offering to meet their exact needs. Customer profiling requires extensive research, customer knowledge and understanding of your market to really excel at it.

Referral Programs

For many businesses, referral programs are a key source of lead generation. In fact, leads generated by referral programs have a much higher likelihood of converting into paying customers. But it’s rare to say that customers will refer to your business for nothing. Even the most exceptional service may not always result in a referral. For your referral program to be a success you’ll need a plan of action that pushes your customers to tell others about your service or product offering. Our marketing team can help you develop a powerful referral program that will not only build customer loyalty, but also create a non-stop lead generation machine for your business.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a very important role in customer decision making, especially with high-value items and for new businesses. If you have never heard of a company, the first thing you’ll do is look online for reviews on them. One slight negative comment could damage your company’s reputation and put off potential customers for life. Our customer reviews service is all about building your brand’s reputation and developing trust with potential customers. Our team can help you in areas, such as process development, collecting customer reviews and reputation management to deal with negative comments.

Personalisation Service

Personalisation gives businesses the opportunity to build a more intimate relationship with their customers through offering content and products that are relevant to them. The most practical way of implementing personalisation is in your email marketing, although this could be expanded to other areas of marketing including your website and paid ads. Our personalisation service has been designed to help businesses understand and implement personalisation techniques into their current marketing strategy. The right adoption of personalisation can significantly improve customer loyalty, retention rates and company sales.