Competitor Analysis

To be the best in your industry you need to stay ahead of your competitors always.

Sounds pretty simple – but it’s not. Most businesses tend to focus on their own products, services and customers often ignoring what their key competitors are doing. This could be a strategic weakness, as your competition may be stealing customers by staying one step ahead of you. Keeping an eye on your competitors consistently is hard work which is why you need to invest in an ongoing competitor analysis strategy.

Fastfwd have a whole team dedicated to competitor research. We use a range of tools to grab the information you need on your competitors and keep an eye on their performance to make sure you retain a competitive edge. Some of our competitor analysis services include competitor research, consulting, tracking and SEO dedicated competitor analysis.

Our Competitor Analysis Services

For years we have kept an eye on our client’s top competitors, allowing them to be the best in their industry. Our dedicated team has helped clients in the following areas:

  • Consulting
  • Competition Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Tracking Competitors
  • SEO Competitor Analysis

With our full-range of competitors research and analysis services,our team can help you fine tune your campaigns.

Competitor Research Services

Wondering why a particular competitor is the best in your industry? And most importantly why are you not the best? Our competitor research service reviews your current top competitors in detail. This means we’ll review their website, their social media profiles, their paid ads, search engine performance and anything else possible with tools available.

Once we have gathered enough data, we’ll send you a list of practical recommendations that may enable you to compete and plan better.

Competitor Analysis Consulting

Our team also specialises in training on how to research your competitors. We can work with your company to develop a robust competitor strategy and process to make sure you have all the tools you need to stay ahead. With our help and support, your teams would be better geared to run continuous competitor analysis.

Competitor Tracking Service

One day you’re on top and the next day you dropped down the list. Businesses are always evolving and growing and to stay ahead, you need to constantly track your competitors online. This is more than just keeping an eye on their website, it’s about knowing their latest product releases, their latest social media posts and even any marketing campaigns they have going on.

Whatever your competitors are doing, you need to be doing better. Our competitor tracking service is the ultimate service for keeping an eye on your competitor’s latest activity. Whether its search engine rankings or a sudden burst in social media performance, we would track enough data points to try and keep you well informed.

SEO Competitor Analysis Services

Organic search traffic is important for all businesses. Ranking in the top positions is more than just getting traffic to your site – It’s about building trust with your users and making them see that you are better than your competitors.

Our SEO competitor analysis services are dedicated to reviewing your competitor’s SEO performance. This means reviewing their top keywords and making sure that you are also ranking for them. It could also mean reviewing your competitor’s backlinks and trying to replicate their backlink strategy, so you are featuring on the top sites in your industry.

Are you worried about your competitors? Maybe you’re looking for ways to beat them? Dedicated competitor analysis services can help you to be the best in your industry.