Contest Marketing Agency

Get people talking. Fast.

Contests are a great way to build a buzz around your brand. Plus, they’re cost effective. Contests get leads, develop brand awareness and increase engagement on your site. All you need to do is know your audience.

We are a contest marketing agency that can work with you to create bespoke competitions that elevate your business. When your audience wins, so do you.

Our Digital Contest Process

Managing contests can be difficult. You don’t want mess and chaos. At fastfwd, we endeavour for calm. Our contest process is well organised and well practised. Each company is unique, so our contests are created bespoke. However, we have the following solid process in place to ensure stability:

  • Planning and Strategy: Failed to prepare? Prepare to fail. Rigorous planning helps your contest reach its KPIs. Our talented team will assist you in creating a solid strategy, so you’re prepared to win.
  • The Legal Stuff: Unfortunately, competitions and contests come with legal burdens. The age of GDPR adds an extra layer of complexity. You’ll need to consider terms and conditions, laws in different countries, the winner selection process, liability and GDPR compliance. At fastfwd, we craft confidence. You’ll never need to worry that you’ve missed something.
  • Contest Designing: Be on brand. Make an impression. Whether it’s an interactive game or a microsite for your competition, we offer a comprehensive list of competition-related services. Our designers are driven by a desire to deliver content platforms that are effective and totally on-brand. User experience. Branding. It’s all part of the package.
  • Contest Development: Think outside the box. From mobile apps to landing pages, our development team can create all the interactive elements for your contest. Think instant win games, raffle and lottery systems, campaign microsites and landing pages. Your vision inspires us. Let’s create variety.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Make sure your competition gets the attention it deserves. Create a contest marketing strategy. Whether it’s Google ads, social media advertising, SEO, email marketing or something else entirely, we know how to get the word out. Fast.
  • Post-launch: Competition launched, excitement mounting. What’s next? Once your contest is out there, we can help with continuous monitoring and reporting. Keep your campaign on track to reach your performance milestones.

Online Contest Management

A digital marketing competition often relies on time and money to create a stir. What happens if you’re low on both? Together, we don’t let it hold us back. At fastfwd, we provide support in all areas of online contests and sweepstakes. Experienced in everything from strategy development to post-launch reporting, we know contest marketing.

We exist for you. Unlike some other contest agencies and competition softwares, we are supportive by nature. Our in-house team of dedicated developers, designers and marketers are on hand to support you. Have a graphic that needs creating? An email that needs writing? We’re here to guide you. A successful competition needs seamless support.

We’ve got your back with legalities, too. We make sure your competition complies with all the relevant laws and regulations, and that your customer data is protected. No surprises. Only simple success.

Contest Landing Page Design

Excite your users. Utilise your landing page. A landing page is a must-have for any contest. Contest landing pages should energize your users and encourage their imagination. Help them picture their potential win. When done well, your users become natural PR, spreading the word. Excitement creates a buzz. A buzz increases your chance of going viral.

Our designers know how to craft landing pages that get a reaction. Working in conjunction with the UX and content teams, we create contests with your audience in mind.

Contest Website Templates

Creating a contest landing page or microsite can be challenging. There are a variety of complex behind-the-scene processes. These include:

  • Data collection
  • User registration
  • Instant win processes
  • User tracking
  • Prize claim automation
  • Validation emails

At Fastfwd, we’re technically minded. Our experienced development team can seamlessly integrate all the features you need to create fully customisable contest website templates. You want the control to make necessary changes, so we ensure you have the support and guidance you need.

Additional Sweepstakes Services

It’s not all about design. We also provide contest and sweepstake services, including:

  • Auditing the performance of past and current competitions
  • Generating engaging on-brand ideas and wireframes for contests
  • Testing your contest landing pages to make sure they are efficient
  • Promoting your contests using a range of digital marketing channels
  • Providing regular reports on the performance of your contests

Our sweepstake designers like a challenge. As a full-service contest agency, we welcome all your needs and ideas.

Best Prize Promotion Agency in the UK

Fastfwd is among the best digital marketing agencies for a reason. We’re experienced, we’re supportive and we care. Having worked with a range of clients to deliver successful competitions, sweepstakes and prize draws, we know how to build a buzz.

If you’re looking to increase brand engagement, generate leads and grow brand awareness, we can help you manage your digital competitions. Want to win? Start creating contests. Whether you’re looking for a single consultancy or ongoing support, we are here to help. Get in contact for more information.