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Contests are a great way to create buzz around your brand and get people talking about you. They are one of the most cost-effective ways of getting leads, developing brand awareness and increasing engagement on your site. The secret to a successful competition or prize draw is knowing your audience. Our in-house creative team can work with you to create bespoke competitions that are relevant and engaging.

Our Digital Contest Process

Developing contests can be unexpectedly messy task if not managed correctly. fastfwd keep the contest process well-organised with a well-practised workflow. While all our contests are created bespoke, we also have a solid process behind-the-scenes:

  • Planning & Strategy
  • The Legal Stuff
  • Contest Designing
  • Contest Development
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Post-launch


  1. Planning & Strategy: There is a well-known saying; failure to plan is planning to fail. You need rigorous planning to help your contest reach its KPIs. Let our team assist you with creating a robust strategy to guarantee the ultimate win.
  2. The Legal Stuff: Creating contests has always come with the necessity of making sure your competition adheres to the relevant legal stipulations, but the age of GDPR adds an extra layer of complexity. Legal considerations such as laws in different countries, terms and conditions, winner selection process, liability and GDPR compliance can complicate matters, and you need to feel confident that you’ve taken all of this into consideration.
  3. Contest Designing: Whether it’s an interactive game or a microsite for your competition, we offer a comprehensive list of competition-related services. Our designers are skilled at branding and UX – delivering contest platforms that are effective and totally on-brand.
  4. Contest Development: From mobile apps to landing pages, our development team can create all the interactive elements for your contest.  Our team are highly experienced in creating a wide variety of competition types – such as instant win games, raffle & lottery systems, campaign microsites, and landing pages.
  5. Marketing & Promotion: To get the attention your competition deserves, you need a well thought out and executed marketing plan. We can help you promote your campaign through Google ads, social media advertising, SEO, email marketing and more.
  6. Post-launch: Once your contest is launched we can help with continuous monitoring and reporting – essential to keep your campaign on track to reaching all of its performance milestones.

Online Contest Management

When you’re limited on time or budget, contest management can be a challenge. We understand that and are here to help. When you choose fastfwd, we can provide support in all areas of online contests and sweepstakes. We have experience in everything from strategy development to post-launch reporting.

Unlike some other contest agencies (or even competition software), we have an in-house team of experienced developers, designers and marketers on hand to support you. Whether it’s a graphic that needs creating or an email that needs writing, we can guide your contest in the right direction.

Most importantly, we’ll make sure your competition complies with all the relevant laws and regulations and that your customer data is protected. This ensures there won’t be any surprises waiting for you after the contest ends.

Contest Landing Page Design

A landing page is a must-have for any contest. For contest landing pages, your aim is for users to be excited about the opportunity of walking away with the prize. This acts as natural PR, encouraging them to spread the word. If users are excited about the competition process, it’s an essential step to creating buzz, increasing the chance of going viral.

Our designers challenge themselves to design engaging landing pages that are unique and compelling. Working in conjunction with the UX and content teams, we create contests to thrill your audience.

Contest Website Templates

There are a variety of complex behind-the-scene processes involved in creating contest landing pages or microsites. These include data collection, user registration, instant win processes, user tracking, prize claim automation, and validation emails. Whatever features you need for your contest, our talented development team can make it a reality.

With years of experience, our development team can help you to create fully customisable contest website templates. This gives you all the control you need to make necessary changes, along with any required features.

Additional Sweepstakes Services

We do more than just design and develop your contests. Some of our contest and sweepstake services include:

  • Auditing the performance of past and current competitions.
  • Generating engaging on-brand ideas and wireframes for contests.
  • Testing your contest landing pages to make sure they are efficient.
  • Promoting your contests using a range of digital marketing channels.
  • Providing regular reports on the performance of your contests.

Consider us your all-in-one contest marketing agency. There’s no need to look any further for support on your next competition or sweepstake!

Best Prize Promotion Agency in the UK

Looking for a contest marketing partner? fastfwd has worked with a range of clients to deliver successful competitions, sweepstakes and prize draws. We have helped top companies to increase brand engagement, generate leads and grow brand awareness.

If you are looking to create some buzz around your brand, contact us. Our in-house team of designers, developers, marketers and project managers all have experience in managing digital competitions. Whether you’re looking for a single consultancy or ongoing support, we are here to help.

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