Conversion Rate Optimisation

Although getting traffic to a website is the first thing on most marketers agenda, a bigger problem for most is converting that traffic into customers.

Companies invest tens of thousands into developing a new website, but in cases when that website isn’t delivering in any engagement that traffic ends up coming in at a high cost and poor ROAS (return On Advertising Spend). With that in mind, the goal of the fastfwd Site Conversion Review service is to make sure our clients don’t waste their money generating traffic for a website that does not convert. Our marketing and CRO team will review your current site design and performance analytics then investigate ideas and strategies with the aim of improving its conversion rate. The Site Conversion Review service considers everything from reviewing your data to customer journey mapping.

Analytics Review

Before we recommend ways of improving a site’s conversion, we’ll review the current tracking and analytics tools. This allows us to have a better picture of how the website is currently performing and where the potential issues could be. During the review, our data specialists will look out for any behavioural abnormalities in the data and offer recommendations on how to improve the performance in these areas. Our team can also offer training in the use of various tracking tools to help our clients use these effectively.

Channel Conversion Review

With so much money being spent on marketing each year, it is crucial for businesses to get a return on their investment. Our channel conversion review service looks at each digital marketing channel to see if there is an opportunity to further improve their conversion rates. Whether it is a problem with email marketing click-throughs or not getting the results you want from paid-for media, our marketing team can review any online marketing channel to boost conversion rates.

Site UX review

UX (User Experience) is the cornerstone concept in conversion rate optimisation. It dictates how easy a website, advert, campaign or app is to navigate and accomplish the desired actions and how your users interact with these assets. During the UX review, our team will test a website as if they were a first-time visitor looking to engage with the brand. Our reviewers will consider various heuristics and establish best practice and compare that with the available analytics to determine how easy the site is to use from a potential customer’s point of view. Based on these findings we offer practical recommendations to improve the website’s UX.

Landing Page Review

The creation of targeted landing pages is the single most effective way to improve web conversion rates. When a marketer spends thousands on a campaign, they would want the traffic generated to perform as optimally as possible. It is in this application that landing pages come into their own as sales tools, as the sole purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors at a higher than usual rate. If a landing page isn’t performing the way it is expected to our multi-talented marketing team will be able to review the design and functionality of the page, recommend improvements and offer on-going support to ensure the landing page is consistently bringing in high-quality leads and prospects.

Heat Mapping & User Recording

As part of our site conversion review service, we incorporate a range of advanced heat mapping and user activity recording tools. Heat mapping is an excellent way to determine the best location for your call to action buttons or where to display key decision making and decision influencing information in your site structure. Additionally, user activity recording is a powerful tool for identifying where users are getting lost on a website and if they are experiencing any technical difficulties.

Customer Journey mapping

Customer journey mapping is the process of identifying the ideal path to user conversion and making the website a slicker experience for potential customers. Customer journey mapping is always based on rigorous data analysis, which not only identifies how many steps the average user takes to convert but the exact location of each step. Having an understanding of the typical customer journey on a website provides valuable insights into the behaviour of visitors, which can significantly boost the website’s conversion rates.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Experimentation is a powerful tool in conversion rate optimisation. We take a scientific approach to testing out new ideas based on data to see what works and what doesn’t. From analysing a website’s data, we’ll be able to create a robust testing plan which will highlight a series of recommended changes to be trialled on a site. These changes might include changing copy, calls to action, page layout or even the steps in the sales process. Each test will be controlled and monitored with clear indicators to judge if the change was a success or a failure. Our in-house experts can also offer training on how to conduct testing and how to implement the findings to improve a site’s conversion rates.