Keyword Research

Keyword research is not as straightforward as it used to be.

With the advances of modern search engine algorithms, search engines such as Google are becoming more ‘human’ in their understanding of the web.

This means you have to get much smarter with your keyword research. Our dedicated keyword research services aim to improve the organic performance of all your important keywords.

Here at fastfwd, our keyword research services include auditing your current keywords, doing a competitor analysis, keyword mapping and tracking your keyword performance.

Keyword Audit & Strategy

The first step in building the perfect keyword map for your site, it is important to review its current keyword performance. We often find that clients who don’t spend sufficient time reviewing their keyword performance often have a range of ranking phrases that drive traffic but not sales. On the other hand, they may rank for converting keywords but not necessarily at the top for the best-performing ones. Whatever the case may be, we will review your keyword strategy, along with your business goals to make sure that you’re on the track to success. And by success, we’re talking about more sales, conversions and leads.

Keyword Gap Analysis

A keyword gap analysis allows us to see what your competitors are ranking for and the organic traffic they are receiving in comparison to your site. This gives us valuable insights into keywords your business could be targeting.

A gap analysis aims to understand where your keyword map could be missing a range of variations in existing phrases, or discover completely new keywords to aim for.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is a great way to organise the content on your site. During keyword mapping, our team will review your content and look for any gaps in your content. This would allow us to build a complete map of your keywords to help establish a short, mid and long term keyword targeting strategy.

A keyword map helps ground the returns behind any individual sets of keywords, while also allowing creating a focus rather than haphazardly trying to target many keywords blindly.

Keyword Tracking

When you spend hours optimising your content, you want to make sure that it was all worth it in the end. That’s where keyword tracking comes in! Here at fastfwd we use the market-leading tools to get accurate real-time rankings on your keywords from any country you like. We can monitor your rankings for all your important keywords on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and prepare a report summarising your keyword performance.