SEO Services

Ranking in search engines is essential to drive qualified traffic for most websites. Our in-house SEO team uses advanced search analysis technology and are industry experts recognised world wide.

Whether it’s diagnosing a rank drop or recovering from a Google penalty, our team has the knowledge and passion to boost your site’s SEO performance.

At fastfwd, our SEO team covers all areas of SEO including on-page, off-page and technical SEO. And with the help of our in-house developers we can help debug any technical requirements of SEO best practices, such as website speed and structure.

Starter SEO

Are you new to the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Not sure where to start or how to get your site to rank in Google? Then our Starter SEO service is perfect for your business. This service aims to help new (or fairly new) sites to perform better in search engines and rank organically for brand-related keywords as well as build-in foundations for a longer-term organic ranking strategy. The service is also ideal for businesses that may have a site for a while, but never really engaged in any organic optimisation.

There are three main areas the Starter SEO service covers, which include:

  • Setting-up: Including gathering data from Search engines.
  • On-page optimisation
  • Indexability

Setting Up

Before you begin your SEO journey, you’ll need the right tools to track your performance. As part of our SEO Starter service, we’ll guide you through setting up a Google Search Console and Google Analytics account for your website.

If you already have these accounts set-up we can double-check these to make sure they are tracking the right data for your website. We can also offer further guidance and support on how to make the most out of these tools when tracking your website’s performance as well as advice on other tools in the market that may help you improve your SEO.

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is essential in SEO. It helps Google understand the content on your site and helps you rank better for target keywords. Our Starter SEO service aims to ensure that your site has the basics in place when it comes to on-page optimisation.

This includes checking for the following:

  • Title tags
  • Meta-descriptions
  • Heading tags
  • Image alt text
  • URLs
  • Content of page
  • Internal linking

We also lookout for opportunities to include keywords in your content and make sure your site is focusing on the right keywords. Falling short on any or all of these on-page factors can slow down your SEO performance.


You can’t improve your SEO performance if your site isn’t easily crawled by search engines.

There could be a number of reasons why your site or certain pages are not ranking, such as:

  • You are blocking search crawlers and bots
  • Your site is too new
  • Your site has a poor structure
  • Your site has been penalised
  • Your site isn’t indexable

With our SEO Starter service, we can identify the cause of why your site is not being indexed and help to improve your site’s indexability.

Advanced SEO

Want to boost your organic search traffic and rank well for competitive keyphrases? Our Advanced SEO service is for businesses who want to significantly grow their current organic search traffic. This service is aimed at websites which have been getting consistent organic traffic for a while and now want to super-charge their organic search performance. Depending on your business’s needs, this could involve everything from running an advanced technical SEO audit to rank recovery or rank growth.

Full Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is one of the cornerstones of search optimisation. A site built poorly could have a significant impact on your organic search rankings. In our full technical SEO audit, we review a number of factors including, page speed, structure, mobile-friendliness, coding issues, sitemap issues etc. This helps us identify the underlying issues on your site which are preventing you from ranking higher. Based on our findings we’ll offer concrete recommendations to improve your site’s performance and can even help you implement them with the help of our in-house developers.

Content Audit

A content audit aims to review the current content on your site and seek out opportunities to further increase your organic traffic. This may involve looking at high performing pages on your site and seeing if they can rank for more variations of keywords. It could also involve looking at low-performing pages on your site and providing recommendations on how to improve these. The goal of a content audit is to make sure that your important pages are ranking in the top positions for relevant keywords.

Competitor Research

Ranking number one is all about beating the competition. By researching your organic search competitors we can provide recommendations to improve your rankings for competitive keywords. This may involve a keyword gap analysis to identify keywords which your competitors are ranking for and ones that you should be targeting. It may also involve looking at your competitors top performing content and replicating this success for your site.

Rank Drop Recovery

Has your site’s rankings suffered from a recent algorithm update or maybe a recent site update has left your site in a poor search position? Rank drop recovery is aimed at identifying the cause’s of your recent rank drop and providing practical recommendations to get your site back at the top. Depending on the cause of the rank drop, this normally involves an extensive analysis of your site’s backlinks, content, site structure and anything else that could be bringing your site down.