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Ascendx is a beautifully designed web application that helps organisations structure their staff training. The core software is a Laravel developed application and using Swift – native for iOS and Java – native for Android, Fast Fwd built a powerful suite of mobile apps for this dynamic platform to support both organisations and training managers, in establishing and ensuring high standards of training across the business.

In the organisation side of the app the user is set, a course to complete. Organisation users also have access to a library of courses to select for themselves. Courses are broken down into multiple lessons which may contain tests aimed to challenge the user and provide evidence of learning outcomes. Once a test is complete the user is presented with their results and, following completion of course, a user is awarded a certificate.

Managers are able to monitor staff progress, generate reports and build their own lessons. With so much flexibility, Ascendx allows an organisation to tailor the learning management system to work for their every need.

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