Imaginative Brand Relaunch & eCommerce Website Cubbies

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A Magical User Experience

There is little in this world more heart-warming than bringing a broad, beaming smile of excitement to a little one’s face. Cubbies is a design and manufacturing business in the fluffy toy industry with that very sentiment at its foundation. With beautifully personalised, adorable high-quality toys aimed at creating that magical moment, the only thing missing was a website to relate to that brand story and showcase the quality of the toys.

Fastfwd came up with a brand concept for Cubbies: the celebration of children’s unique nature and confidence to express their true selves. Whether the child is brave, shy, cuddly or clever; they are encouraged to be proud of who they are. This idea underpinned Cubbies’ new brand and website.

fastfwd developed a bespoke user journey and functionality to create an online shopping experience that matched the personality of the child to their ideal toy. Using creative designers, experienced developers and dedicated project managers, the new Cubbies website took shape as the enchanting digital home for this charming product range.

The user starts their journey on the beautifully designed homepage, where they insert their child’s name and personality characteristic. They are then transported to a landing page showing a unique ‘Cubby’ especially chosen for their child.

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Cubbies iPad Mockup
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