Guiding The Way Insurance Sector CMS

This internationally acclaimed insurer and reinsurer offers specialty and commercial insurance and reinsurance products across key UK, European, Middle East, US, Bermuda, Asia Pac and Latin America markets.

They are known for their expertise and global reach with over 1,800 employees in approximately 60 offices around the world.

With their impressive breadth of locales and communication channels we recognised an opportunity to present consistent brand and consistent messaging across the board. We could create a product that allowed single-point management of Enterprise content for use and re-use across all digital platforms, including apps, web apps and websites. Working closely with their digital team we produced a bespoke, centralised CMS, to serve as the hub that could power many of their online applications.

We developed a headless content management system that acts as a centralised content repository for the business. It makes the content available to different platforms of the business through a RESTful API that is easy to integrate. By using the API, the company can create new digital applications powered by content from this CMS, without having to model content and rewrite from scratch. The net effect is enhanced uniformity, increased efficiency and enhanced security. This is powerful for not only maintaining the brand and messaging, but also for having one centralised place for all content across all comms channels.

Content – Where users can discover appropriate content from all Workspaces
Documents – A place for employees source and create documents
User Management – To assign users to content and specify their settings

These three core parts to the CMS allowed for flexibility going forward, allowing us to accommodate any new requests from the client team.

The most unique element of the CMS is the Document Builder. Here employees can create their own documents from an already existing list of document parts.

Because these parts can be customised or have been dynamically updated with the latest design and content, users can produce their document knowing that it won’t be outdated or contain wrong information.

The UI for the CMS was made with maximum affordance (the properties of an object which allow its function) in mind for the user. We sought to strip away any unnecessary effects, focusing on delivering a subtractive design language for users to interface with.

The creation of the UI kit has allowed development of the CMS to be of a responsive manner, key for this client and the future of their CMS.