Email Marketing

Our email marketing service is specifically designed for businesses struggling with their email marketing or for those who do not have a structured email strategy and need help crafting one.

We offer a range of support from list growth strategies to testing and reporting on your email performance to make sure your email marketing campaigns are delivering the results you want.

List Growth Strategy

Email marketing is nothing without a well-maintained list of subscribers. Our email marketing team can help grow your email list to enable you to communicate with individuals that are interested in your product or services. We can help create a personalised lead generation plan for your organisation to ensure consistent list growth from the get-go while making sure that your email process is GDPR compliant.

Subscriber Segmentation

We can help you segment your contacts into different lists based on their behaviour, location, interests and buying habits. This way you can send your contacts personalised emails with content that they would be most interested in receiving. Sending personalised or targeted emails are likely to increase both your open rates and conversion rates.

Custom Email Templates

People are more likely to click-through on emails which are eye-catching and unique. Our creative team can create you beautiful and personalised email templates which are guaranteed to increase your email CTR. Our custom email templates are versatile and fully editable, allowing you to use them on any email provider of your choice.

Email Writing

Everything from the choice of words in your subject line to your call to actions can impact whether your subscribers open your emails and click-through. Our creative team can help you write engaging email copy which captures your brand’s personality and increases your conversions.

Automated Email Set-up

Email automation is perfect for sites with a large number of subscribers, such as membership sites or Ecommerce sites. Our team can help you set-up automated email sequences, where your subscribers automatically get an email based on their action on your site. Common email sequences we can set-up are welcome emails, cart abandonment and re-engagement emails. Email automation is a great way to save time and engage your subscribers at the same time.

Testing & Reporting

Email testing is important to the success of your email campaigns. As part of our email marketing service, we delve deep into your analytics to find out what works for your brand and what doesn’t. We also run A/B tests on your emails to test variables, such as the best time to send your emails, the best subject line copy, the right call to actions and much more. At the end of each month, we would present our findings to help you keep track of your email performance over time.

Branded Email Campaigns

In today’s world, when customers think of buying a product or service, they would also immediately connect a brand to consider the purchase from. It is key to understand what exactly the perception of the brand to potential customers is in order to translate that message across in your campaigns!

Afterall, there is a lot more to an efficient email marketing campaign than simply dropping in an offer. A Branded Email Campaign works to leverage the key selling points of your brand to make sure that the message being sent to customers includes their reason for trusting your brand over others.

We build and support branded email campaigns, especially for those busy marketing departments that have busy schedules and tight deadlines. Using data from previous sends, performance metrics and brand messaging and identity, we aim to craft some of the most efficient campaigns.