Fast Fwd on Film: Chartered Insurance Institute

No, this is not a movie review. We are however excited to share the news of our film debut. Last month we were invited to collaborate on a CPD (continuous professional development) course for CII (Chartered Insurance Institute). The course includes a 30 minute video on mobile marketing with a particular focus on QR codes and NFC (Near Field Communications). We had a great time over the last 2 weeks working on the script and story boarding demonstrations. We are yet to see the final edited product but Kishen was filming for a couple of hours last Monday at the CII headquarters in London. The process of researching and brainstorming on the subject has really sharpened out minds to the opportunities presented by these forms of mobile marketing. I have always been an exponent of the QR code, I believe that an opportunity so easily and cost effectively exploited should not be overlooked. Through this work however, I have really started to appreciate just how versatile they can be in a business setting, with opportunities well outside the realms of marketing. Similarly NFC, which is now finding it's way onto mobile phones and will soon be ubiquitous, will start to play a part in the every day life of many, particularly with London Transport adopting it throughout the public transport system this summer. I feel compelled to advise any marketer from companies of any size to start thinking how making better use of mobile technology could enhance the work that they are doing. Its cheap to implement but a word of warning, pay attention to your content! Having a great gimmick is not enough, the landing pages must be optimised for mobile and even more importantly, they must deliver a rich experience, customers want to be engaged, don't wast their time.

Insights by Matthew Jensen

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