Greatness In Another Dimension Optegra

Front view of building

Optegra is a world leader in eye health. fastfwd was engaged to support the launch of Optegra’s exciting new flagship London hospital by producing a fully explorable 3D model of the building and a three-minute high-definition virtual tour.

The team started with architectural drawings, building an inch-for-inch copy of the hospital in the Unreal gaming engine. We meticulously sourced or created each item of furniture, texturing, and lighting; and coloured each area of the 2000m2 building, including its intricate Edwardian exterior.

The resulting HD walkthrough is mesmerising, bringing the drawings to digital life in three dimensions!

Optegra Mockup
Optegra Mockup
Optegra Mockup Desk View
Optegra Mockup Front View