Remote Control Careers Site for Home Workers and Digital Nomads

Graphic of remote worker

A platform that provides information, resources, and tools for remote workers and companies with a remote workforce. This firm reached out to us to help them create a brand, and produce their new digital product.

We were approached to help create this brand and design their webapp featuring a directory of remote-friendly companies, job listings for remote positions, and a blog with articles about remote work.

Logo example

Our immediate task was to develop a brand that accurately reflected the client’s business concept and would appeal to their target audience.

After conducting several discussions with the client, we determined that aligning the brand with its parent company was the best course of action. This decision was based on their parent brand’s pre-established relationship with its developer community and the associated equity it holds as a brand.

We drew inspiration from elements of their parent company’s current logo, complementing their brand, but also making certain it can stand proudly and confidently in its own right.

logo examples

Further to the initial brand development, we felt the need to evolve the brand by incorporating bespoke illustrations.

These illustrations helped to bring a sense of personality and warmth, while also effectively conveying various aspects and offerings of the business.

When designing and developing their webapp, we determined that creating a component library was the most practical approach in order to ensure scalability of the product. This strategy proved to be highly beneficial for the client as it enabled them to quickly launch their minimum viable product and bring it to market, while also reassuring them that the product has the potential for growth and expansion in the future.