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fastfwd’s creative team were asked by Subaru to produce a new, bespoke web design concept for UK market. Taking inspiration from leaders in the automotive industry and other lifestyle brands, the fastfwd team worked together to create a fresh and innovative concept with a new approach to marketing the Subaru lifestyle.

Developing new user stories for the site, the project aimed to make the Subaru brand more relevant to a range of new markets and demographics. Previously the brand had been strongly associated in the UK with a few very niche motoring communities who placed a high value on either the motorsport heritage of the brand or its ruggedness for country living. The new concept has wider appeal, to younger demographics with active lifestyles and growing families.

Using innovative new technologies, fastfwd proposed an interactive 3D Configurator where the user could design and explore their new car in the browser. This facilitated editing the vehicle specification, colour, wheels, interior and exterior trim.

The concept was inspired by individuals and their lifestyle, with a supporting area on the site for their user-generated content. A place for Subaru owners to share their active lives and experiences, as well as inspiring others.

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