Analytics Services

The best-performing companies in the world are the ones that make timely and strategic decisions. And to make good decisions they need access to good data relating to their business interests.

However, in the current business environment, it is easy to become overwhelmed with multiple data sources and spreadsheets can become very complicated and frustrating to deal with. In situations like that, a powerful and dynamic information dashboard based on business actual needs becomes a very valuable tool. The fastfwd analytics services cover every business information need from planning and consulting to supporting business goals through tailored data reporting.

Planning and consulting

Many implementations of data and analytics fail because they aren’t in sync with the company’s day-to-day operations and decision-making processes. Strategic data designers understand the types of business judgments that managers make and tailor their activities to provide the most useful and actionable datasets. Through consultation with frontline managers, we ensure that analytics and tools complement existing decision processes.

Analytics Review

Most companies have some type of analytics system or tracking in place for their website. As part of our advanced analytics service, we can review existing analytics and tracking systems to see where there is room for enhancement. This might involve optimising existing analytics such as Google Analytics set up or identifying anomalies in analytics data. This will ensure that the data being collected is accurate and provides informative insights into a website’s or business’s performance.

Analytics Strategies

Without clear goals in place, it is impossible to tell a positive metric from a negative one. Our strategy team can define clear goals for data collection and analysis in order to eliminate the accumulation of pointless and distracting data. We clearly identify the value of data sources and highlight opportunities for further data expansion.

Business Support

Data is the cornerstone of a successful business, that’s why we offer ongoing analytics support to some of the world’s most successful businesses. We create regular reports, highlighting key performance indicators and areas of improvement that improve our client’s understanding of their business’s performance removing the need to look through thousands of rows of spreadsheet data or though complex charts. Our reports summarise the key findings in an easy to read, simple document or a clear and easy to interpret live dashboard with real-time data.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an excellent tool,and could yield useful insights that can transform a business. Many businesses don’t go beyond viewing their monthly traffic and even that could be misinterpreted if the reader lacks the knowledge. Our analytics team has years of experience assessing data from Google Analytics. We have to skills to track goals, deep-dive through data and find hidden gems and opportunities for our clients. Google Analytics is the key to tracking ROI on marketing campaigns and support better-informed decision making that ultimately will result in a boost in conversions and turnover.

Adobe Analytics

We offer a specialised Adobe Analytics review and set up service for companies interested in understanding their customer behaviour in greater detail using the Adobe suite instead of Google analytics. For those who are unfamiliar with Adobe analytics, it is an industry-leading analytics tool, that provides real-time data and audience information across multiple marketing channels. In a nutshell, Adobe analytics data-driven marketing decision making by providing useful insights into website visitors and customers. We offer a range of Adobe Analytics services, including consulting, migration, audits and implementation support.

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Our background in web development enables us to build powerful custom dashboards to display a bespoke set of metrics and up to the minute reports for our clients. This value-add service enables our clients to cut through the clutter of data from various sources by presenting them with carefully tailored views and tools for interrogating specially selected datasets. In some cases where there are multiple channels involved this can save hours of management time shuffling through rows of data trying to understand all the complex information available.

Data validation

In certain cases, inaccurate data can be worse than no data at all. When data is the life-blood of decision-making, it is important to trust that data. Our specialist data validation service ensures that data sets are significantly error-free and ready to be used with confidence. It is our goal to make sure that the data available our clients are consistent, accurate and complete. Here at fastfwd, we offer a range of bespoke data validation services to our clients, including data refreshes, data verification services and data security management.