Death by Powerpoint and Why I love Prezi

I am sick of Powerpoint!

I have delivered and listened to so many power point presentations, I now know exactly how they are going to go; there are no more surprises.

As someone who has to regularly deliver presentations to my clients, the really important people without whom, there would be no business, I feel compelled to offer them something a little more exciting than 20 odd slides of .PPT tedium.

The first way to improve presentations was to start using professional designers to format my presentations. This did offer an incremental improvement in the aesthetics of my presentations but it still did nothing for the journey. As a result, my presentations were prettier but still formulaic.

I did some searching for online alternatives, something that would make my presentations pop, something that I felt would be an adequate reflection on me as a professional, my company and my products. A friend mentioned to me that he had seen some outstanding presentations delivered using  I did not get into it right away, I could not immediately get my head around the best way to take my traditional slide based presentations and interpret them in a manner that works on Prezi. I will not claim to have mastered it but I gave it a good effort and I am pleased with the results.

If you need to deliver presentations as part of your business, I imagine most people in sales and marketing will, I have to recommend you give Prezi a go, the learning curve is not very steep and for now, until it gets too common, it will really help your content stand out and hopefully reduce the yawn factor.

Insights by Matthew Jensen

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