Keyword Cannibalisation / Is Keyword Cannibalisation Good?

2Is Keyword Cannibalisation Good?

Last updated: 07.4.20

There are times when keyword cannibalisation is not an issue. For example, with brand-related search terms, you would expect multiple pages from your site to rank for the same keyword:

SERP Result for query boohoo returns

In situations like this, it is good to dominate the search results.

Another scenario would be if multiple pages from your site are ranking in the top position on page 1 for a keyword with no clear intent. This is normally the case for broad keywords:

SERP Results for query Cinderella

In this example, you don’t know if the searcher is looking for information on the 2015 Disney film or the classic tale of Cinderella. So in this case, it is better to dominate the search results with multiple pages from your site and let the searcher pick.