PPC Advertising

Looking to improve your existing PPC campaigns? Want more conversions from your advertising spend? Or are you just dipping your toe into the pool with paid search advertising? Then our PPC team may be in a position to help. Feel free to give us a no-obligation call to arrange a free consultation.

With years of experience developing and optimising paid search, our PPC experts can streamline your campaigns to ensure you are getting the highest conversions at the lowest cost possible. The purpose of the competitive PPC service is to supercharge your paid campaigns, so they are as efficient as possible. This involves everything from a deep analysis to testing your campaigns based on a range of criteria.

Brand PPC Service

Looking to raise brand awareness or to improve your presence on the search results page? Or trying to drive better conversions of your branded keywords or maximise long tail brand phrases? Our Brand PPC service could be the perfect solution for your business.

Brand PCC is all about bidding on brand-related keywords. This means bidding on company names, competitor names and other similar brand-related keywords. The goal of brand PPC bidding is to help your business dominate the search results page and prevent competitors with a similar brand name to yours from stealing your customers. In addition, our team runs extensive tests to maximise returns on branded campaigns.

Beyond simply bidding on your own brand, Brand PPC has a powerful series of uses, including:

  • Landing Page Tests
  • Lead Generation
  • Reputation Management
  • Seasonal Conversions
  • AB Testing

Display Advertising Service

Reach your audience across the web with display advertising. For those of you not familiar with display advertising, it is a type of advertising which allows your ads to appear on relevant third-party sites. A decent display advertising campaign is an excellent driver of awareness.

The types of targeting offered under the banner of Display Advertising are varied, from cost per click, cost per impression, tenancy agreements and even complete page or site takeovers. Our team is well placed to advise on the right type suitable for your business’s needs.

We offer the following as part of our display advertising service:

  • Advertising Audit
  • Ad Creation
  • Manage & Reporting
  • Mobile App targeting
  • Retargeting Strategy

Native Advertising Service

Native advertising has become fairly popular with advertisers. Unlike other paid media methods, native advertising allows your ads to appear naturally alongside or within a piece of content encouraging click throughs from third party sites. So what exactly are native ads? Native ads can appear inside your social media feeds, or as a sponsored post on a news site. As part of our native advertising service we offer:

  • Native Ad Campaigns Audit
  • Strategy Development and consultation
  • Ad Creation
  • Managing & Reporting
  • Programmatic Native Ads