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Our team has over 20 years of experience working in digital, and excel at troubleshooting website and PPC related issues.
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Our Digital Audits

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ROAS Audit

Are you getting the best possible Return On Advertising Spend? A ROAS audit tracks the impact of activities on your company’s bottom line, so you can make an impact, too.

Channel Audit

Our channel audit measures the performance of each of your marketing channels. Whether you’re concerned with your PPC spending or unsure whether SEO is worth it, a channel audit has the answers.

Content Audit

Words have the power to be transformational. But, is your content working for you? Is your messaging clear, and geared towards conversion?

Complete SEO Audit

A full head-to-toe investigation of your site and all the factors influencing its ability to rank.

Website Technical Audit

A structural analysis of your site, reviewing everything that could have an impact in how it ranks in search engines.

PPC Audit

Our PPC audit service ensures that your PPC campaigns drive conversions at the lowest cost possible.

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Why Choose

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We Are Experts.

Our expert teams have years of experience in analysing and rebuilding digital marketing campaigns for optimised performance.

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We Are Practical.

We understand that every business is unique. We look at the data from our audits in light of your particular business practices, targets and strategies; never in isolation.

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We Are Proven.

We have a solid track record of delivering results to our customers. We don’t tie you down to a minimum contract period, and will make sure your budgets work for you, not us.

How We Work

We have built and honed our seven stage marketing process as illustrated below.

  • Investigate
  • Audit
  • Report
  • Recommend
  • Strategise
  • Execute
  • Evaluate

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We follow this process for each individual audit.

Complete Digital Marketing Audit

Holistic isn’t just a buzzword. Our Multichannel Digital Marketing Audit assesses your digital activity as a whole, for full visibility. With this comprehensive audit as a map, we can assist in building or streamlining your digital marketing strategy. The complete digital marketing audit follows the 7 step process outlined above, and is also underpinned by our four marketing strategy pillars:

Brand Build

Understand brand positioning and investigate traffic sources to main competitors to identify a short, long, and mid-term plan.

Traffic Growth

Understand where brand traffic comes from, and investigate channel efficiency to drive good quality traffic to your site. Use these learnings to build a traffic increase strategy.


Understand which channels convert best, and identify improvements to grow both sales and leads.


Analyse your customer base and online marketing channels to reward good customers, build relationships, retain business, and drive new business.

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We know picking and choosing to work with a new agency isn’t an easy decision. We are offering new clients a free digital marketing audit of their choice (except for a complete multichannel audit). Whether it's an SEO audit, or a review of your PPC performance, get in touch to see what our teams can uncover.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to complete each audit within 7 days of receiving the request. This may take longer for custom audits, where a combination of channels needs to be reviewed.

We offer any one of our 6 audits for free. Additional Audits may be requested at a bespoke cost.

If you would like to request a Complete Digital Marketing Audit, these are costed on a per project basis. The cost depends on a number of factors, such as size of business, data to be reviewed, channels to review and so on. Please get in touch with us for a quote.

The main deliverables will include a report in the form of a PDF or doc file. We may also include other attachments such as spreadsheets to support our findings. You will also receive free consultation call , along with the audit itself.

Yes. Each audit we prepare comes with free consultation to go through our findings with you, and offer support.

Yes. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide you with references for some of our recent clients.

Of course! We have a team of web developers, designers, PPC experts and more to help you implement any of the recommendations from our audit. Please note, this will not be included as part of the original audit.

Fastfwd uses a range of industry standard tools when auditing your business. These include, but are not limited to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Sitebulb, Majestic and many more.

All our digital marketing audits are completed by our in-house team of marketing experts.

This depends on the audit itself. In most cases, we look at your website data, using the tools listed above. It is important for us to access your website or channel specific data, so that we can accurately review your business’s current performance and make bespoke recommendations for your business.

Our in-house marketing team has experience working with a range of clients in a variety of sectors. Together our team has 20+ years of experience working with marketing clients.