Three Ways Technology Kills Love


I’m a classic old-school romantic. I grew up watching Disney - which really doesn’t help you get through dating in modern society! I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve become someone who moans about the good old days (only about five years ago). A time when you would meet your partner through friends, work or common interests, and I have to say that now I really do think romance is dead. Here’s three reasons why:
1. Tinder
Tinder is horrendous! It’s a sea full of lost souls either looking for a long term relationship or - well I’m sure you can guess! I can’t say I’ve ever experienced or heard of an actual ‘Tinderella’ story. I have however heard of Tinder horror stories filled with cat-fishing, being stood-up and meeting people that in the real world you would never cross paths with. Tinder can kill a bit of boredom but it will not find you love. giphy
2. Facebook
Ok so fastfwd (cheeky plug) the dating scene and we have two people who have fallen in love and await their happily ever after. Technology still manages to creep in and plonk itself right in the middle of your relationship. You’re sat watching TV having a lovely cuddle, with one of your partner’s hands entwined with yours and the other one scrolling through endless facebook posts. I can’t handle - it seriously blows my mind, yet it’s so common and expected!
3. Instant messaging
I would say most of the communication between me, my Boyfriend, Friends and Family is done through instant messaging. Whether Whatsapp, Facebook Chat or Snapchat I would say the excitement of getting to speak to someone face-to-face fizzles when you’ve already been chatting all day about meeting up. I couldn’t be more guilty of killing romance through the over use of instant messaging. To conclude, I may seem like a miserable old hag, but I can assure you I’m not. In fact I’m quite a romantic person and I write this article with the aim to keep romance alive. Get off tinder and try joining a sports team or get stuck into a hobby. Have a couple of nights a week where mobile phones are confined to another room. Most of all make the most of the time you spend face-to-face with your loved ones - we all lose out on beautiful memories by staring at a loveless screen. source

Insights by Jodie Pryce

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