Web Development Consulting

We’re built on code. Whether you seek to measure or improve the performance of your existing site, or need technological guidance to inform a new site build, we can help.

Web development is at our core, and as a web development consultancy we use that expertise to guide others. Our flexible approach means that we can lead on projects, or accompany you during the moments you need it most.

Always informed by client needs, fastfwd’s web development consulting service specialises in ensuring your site works best for your business. Our consultants employ extensive analysis and technical experience to help you make the right decisions in web development.

We can review your current site and make suggestions, advise you on the best technology for a new site build, or lead on development. Whatever support and advice you require, we’re here.

Website Audit

A solid audit forms the basis of all in-depth analysis and strategy. To know how to move forward, it’s essential to truly understand your current site and its issues. Our cross-expertise team can perform a full range of audits on your site, from UX to SEO to accessibility – or all of the above.

We can also audit the sites of key competitors, so that you have a full view of the competitive landscape. As part of our website audit, we’ll benchmark your site’s performance against that of your competitors – as well as industry standards – to see where you currently stand.

From each thorough audit, we’ll create a report highlighting your strengths, opportunities and practical improvements, so you have a list of key action points to inform strategy. Let us help you dive into the detail, so you can really understand what is going on with your site.

Website Development Strategy

Do you have a new site build in the pipeline? Don’t risk developing a website that doesn’t truly work for the needs of your users. Aim instead to create a robust website development strategy designed to guide your development project in the right direction. Our experienced website consultants can help you in a range of areas, such as:

  • Identifying and defining your website audience
  • Clarifying your goals
  • Use of a responsive or separate mobile site?
  • CMS and technology choice
  • Roles and responsibilities of your team
  • Project management
  • Key features and functionalities
  • Testing process

We’ll work with your company to make sure every key area of your website is covered, ensuring the end result is best for your business.

Website Technology Consulting Services

For best results and optimum site performance, you need the right technology. Website technology directly affects site performance, and will inevitably impact your business as a result.

Should you go with a PHP site or a site built in .Net? What about Laravel or CMS choice? How should your database be structured? What kind of infrastructure will your site require? Each technology has particular pros and cons, and weighing these up can prove a challenge for many businesses.

Let us help you make the right decision, and make a positive impact on your business. Assessing your requirements, we help you match your needs to the ideal technology for your website. Whether you’re considering a site overhaul to improve performance, or are launching a new site entirely, our consulting team is best placed to guide you in the right direction.

Website Performance Consultancy

Have you noticed that your website has been running more slowly, or has an audit flagged page speed as something to address? Do users report frequent issues, or are you particularly concerned about a wayward metric in Analytics?

Whatever performance issues your site is experiencing, our website consultants can help you diagnose and fix the problem. We’ll review everything from hosting to your website’s code base to identify the source of any performance issues.

eCommerce Website Consultants

eCommerce can be incredibly lucrative, and is an essential revenue stream for many businesses. With ever more people shopping online, your eCommerce store has the potential to transform your business model.

Clients regularly approach us with eCommerce-related enquiries – whether adding eCommerce functionality or optimising an existing eCommerce website to improve performance.

Our specialist eCommerce consultants can review your eCommerce site to identify opportunities to drive your online sales. From our review, we’ll define a list of practical recommendations to help you to drive conversions and achieve optimum ROI.

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C business, your eCommerce website is key to growth, and offers an invaluable opportunity to get closer to consumers. If you would like a review or eCommerce audit of your site, please contact our team for more information.