Digital Marketing Audits

Streamline your marketing efforts, with a digital marketing audit of your performance. Whether your business is at the top of its game or going through a difficult time, our marketing experts are here to help.

Our team can review your current performance, highlight weak spots and identify fruitful opportunities to take advantage of. The purpose of our digital marketing audits is to accelerate your ROI, boost your revenue and help support your own marketing efforts.

We all know that success isn’t forever and neither is failure. To consistently get good results from your marketing, you need to review your performance regularly. And this isn’t just about recording a bunch of data in a spreadsheet every month. It’s about interpreting this data to clearly identify the holes in your strategy. And not only that, it’s about putting solid data behind company decisions.

Why conduct a digital marketing audit?

We recommend a digital marketing audit for all companies. Even if you think your marketing performance is on track – in our experience there is always room for improvement.

However, you might specifically want to consider a digital marketing audit if you are having the following issues:

  • Your sales have dropped recently
  • You are not meeting your company or marketing goals
  • Website traffic is declining or not growing
  • Current marketing activities are not generating you any leads
  • The CTR of your marketing channels is lagging
  • Conversion rates from your marketing efforts are poor
  • You feel the cost of acquiring customers for your business is too high

Conducting a digital marketing audit is the best way to get insights into your company’s performance and where the issues directly lie. These insights can then be used to develop a robust and data-backed digital strategy for your company.

Digital Marketing Audit Services

As a full-service digital agency, fastfwd can offer a range of digital marketing audit services to suit your every business need:

  • ROI Audit
  • Channel Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Complete SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Social Media Audit
  • Website Audit
  • PPC audit

Our bespoke marketing audits cover all areas of digital marketing. And if you are not sure where the problem lies, feel free to get in touch with our team and we would be able to put together a custom mix of audits.

ROI Audit

Our ROI audit service specialises in reviewing and analysing your return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing activities. We look at your costs, sales and channel performance to determine whether a particular campaign or marketing activity is generating a decent return for your marketing budgets. And if a particular activity is not working out for you, we’ll look at ways of improving it or even lowering its costs. With an ROI audit, you’ll always know the impact of certain activities on your company’s bottom-line!

Channel Audit

A channel audit is a perfect way to measure the performance of each of your marketing channels. Whether you are concerned with your PPC spendings or wondering if SEO is worth it, a channel audit will provide the insights you need. After all, you’re spending money on marketing to hit your targets, not just spending budgets for the sake of simply generating traffic, unless traffic itself is a target.

Content Audit

Content is important to any business, whether you’re a start-up or fully-fledged business. When conducting a content audit we’ll take inventory of all your digital content, paying special attention to important pages on your site. From here we will review the organic search performance of your content, identify any content gaps based on your customer journey and recommend practical suggestions that can be implemented to boost performance.

Complete SEO Audit

Our SEO audit reviews all areas of search engine optimisation including on-page, off-page and technical SEO. Using the best SEO tools at our disposal, we’ll be able to quickly identify any major issues, such as with crawlability, page speed mobile usability, reasons for rank drops and much more. As part of our SEO audit, we will also review your backlinks and on-page elements, such as page titles, headings, markup issues and so on.

Technical SEO Audit

Fastfwd specialises in conducting technical SEO audits for a range of companies. Our SEO experts use the best tools in the market and their years of experience to provide you with practical technical SEO recommendations for your site. This includes everything from reviewing your site structure to analysing your page speed and mobile usability issues. We even have an in-house team of experienced web developers, which can work with you to make structural changes to your site.

Social Media Audit

Social media is one of the trickiest marketing channels to get right. Whether you’re looking for more followers, more engagement or just more of everything, a social media audit is the place to start. Our social media experts can review everything from your engagement metrics to your tone of voice and messaging style online. Some of the social media channels we specialise in are, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SnapChat and Pinterest.

Website UX Audit

Are you getting traffic to your site, but very few conversions? Maybe it’s your “call to actions” or the way your content is laid out. It could even be the structure of your navigation or structural issues stopping users from accessing your content. Whatever the issue, our in-house UX specialists can help you create a website that will get those user’s engaging with your content.

PPC Audit

Each year businesses spend millions on PPC advertising alone. When so much is spent on PPC campaigns, you expect them to drive conversions and boost your sales. With our PPC audit service, we can make sure that your PPC campaigns are driving conversions at the lowest cost possible. Our PPC specialists can review your campaign settings, structure, targeting, as well as your current impressions, CTR and conversions. From our findings, we’ll create a straight-forward report outlining our recommendations to boost your PPC performance.

Here at fastfwd, our marketing specialists live and breath data. We will examine every inch of your marketing strategy, to ensure that your marketing efforts are laser-sharp. This means reviewing your target audience, tapping into your conversion rates and looking into ways of lowering your cost-per-acquisition. Ultimately the goal is to lower costs, boost conversion rates and get you more customers.