Car Drives Itself – Thanks Google

Over the last couple of years Google has been developing a driver-less car – that is, a car that drives on its own, relying on its internal processes to navigate public roads. Google successfully created this car some time ago, and it has been driving around the streets of San Francisco and areas of California. Until now, the Prius had a Google employee to monitor the car, capable of taking control at any time should something go wrong. After hundreds of thousands of test miles, the car has only been in one incidents, another car drove into it at a traffic light. Google’s driverless car has recently been granted a drivers licence for the state of Nevada, allowing the car to drive unaided through the streets of Las Vegas! The car took it’s first trip down the infamous Las Vegas strip. The car is the only car with a unique registration plate, featuring the infinity symbol followed by 001 placed on a red back drop. This marvel of technology is going to affect the way we travel in the future. The possibilities for driverless cars are amazing, and will almost certainly greatly reduce the number of accidents on our roads but ultimately, Google hope we will have more free time to spend on our Nexus 7s!

Insights by Matthew Jensen

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