on-the-way-to-greatness - marketing campaigns

on-the-way-to-greatness - marketing campaigns

I chose a bad day to rekindle my blogging skills. After Kishen’s great article about Search rankings on mobile devices and AMP, the competition is high… but, I am not worried. This blog will explain why!

Many authors, blogs or articles usually focus on the best company, or the most successful one. This article on the other hand, is reserved to those who may not be the best (yet) but who never stop trying.

Being second is not something you make plans for, and probably is something that you don’t like at the beginning. But someone has to fill that place, so why not leverage it to your advantage? At this position you have a benchmark for comparison; the one in first place. You can also look to the less fortunate market losers, to learn from their mistakes! Of course, you will have your own experience too, so don’t cry over spilled milk; learn from the winners and the losers, then make a plan for what you can do to reach the next level.

Analysing some examples, it’s easy to see that a lot of the battles for the first position in a market are fought on the marketing arena. Watching how big marketing agencies have to dig in looking for all the creative and innovative thinking they can get to create the best marketing campaign is really exciting. Sometimes, it is not even the best campaign but the most memorable the one that wins a clients’ heart and head, and we all know that in marketing everything is about reaching customers’ emotions.

There are marketing battles in almost every sector you can think of and these marketing campaigns for the first position can use any channel to reach the client: social media, advertising, mobile apps… anything to be different!

I especially like the battle Burger King and McDonalds are fighting. Every customer knows both companies and they are pretty similar. There is not a lot of space to make differences in their products, so they often base their fight on creative marketing campaigns.

This is from the recent Burger King campaign for Halloween. Burger King “dressed up” like McDonalds just to “scare” the customers.

Burger King vs McDonalds marketing campaign

Burger King is not afraid of drawing the comparison with its biggest rival. And they’re not the only ones…

This hilarious FedEx vs DHL “race” painted on the side of a Fedex delivery van:

FedEx - DHL Marketing campaign

Or Nissan vs Audi. Where Nissan bought an Audi TTS just to print this copy on it: “More expensive, slower and less powerful than a Nissan 370Z”.

A great way to poke fun at the kingdom of the German sport cars.

Audi vs Nisan Marketing campaign

Or what about the endless battle between Coca Cola and Pepsi?

CocaCola vs Pepsi Marketing campaign

Although this time it didn’t work so well… CocaCola flipped the script! Subtle but effective.

CocaCola vs Pepsi marketing campaign

But all these companies have something in common: they will always try to push boundaries. Let’s accept that we will always be compared to someone. If they’re more successful, don’t let that bring us down – instead it should only push us up.

So, never get scared by a challenge and never stop trying. To reach greatness you must be willing to work for it. We happen to know a digital marketing agency that can help you with that 😉

Insights by María López

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