Contentful API First CMS


Have you ever wanted a robust platform to store your published content and separate it entirely from your website or mobile app platform? We’ve used a few platforms that claimed to do this, and even built our own for some specific projects. But in 2015 we came across a new service named Contentful. Contentful is an “API first” content management system (CMS). It gives content editors a familiar web based user interface (UI) to create and publish articles. However the CMS is entirely hosted in the cloud by Contentful. They then serve the content on demand through their API. Our development team loves the product. The API is RESTful, with well formatted JSON responses. It’s also robust, with high quality documentation and a few libraries in different languages to get started with projects. So far we’ve used the platform to serve content to websites, mobile apps and backend business applications on client extranets. It’s a great way to give a customer access to manage content, without the hassle or expense of building out and self-hosting a CMS. Developers can then focus on building their application – be it a web app or mobile app, and simply start pulling content in from the Contentful API. We are an authorised Contentful partner in the UK, approved to consult and build your next Contentful project. If the platform sounds as exciting to you as it does to us, please do get in touch!

Insights by Kishen Hawkins

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