Email is Dead. Twitter Killed it!

Early reports of Twitter, Skype and friends; having a reducing effect on the number of emails we receive, seem to have been overstated. While these forms of written communications have no doubt replaced some types of emails, we are still sending and receiving more emails than ever. (Experian Marketing Services Data) What then of email marketing? Experian reports that open rates on email marketing broadcasts increased 11% in Q1 2013. This is an indicator that the audience is still there and recipients of legitimate marketing emails do respond. Something that has changed however is platforms. A couple of years ago when I last wrote a blog on email marketing, roughly 26% of marketing emails were opened on a mobile device, today the average is over 50%. The key to continued success in email marketing is to optimise for multiple platforms, bearing in mind the needs of the smartphone and tablet user to the same extent as you would a laptop or desktop user. A new trend that is proving successful to marketers is e-receipts. These marketing emails are sent as a follow-up to successful online transactions but can apply to in store purchases too. The email is sent as a receipt for the most recent purchase along with a coupon for a discount on an associated or complementary product. This data proves that email marketing can still be fertile ground; rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated. The only cautionary advice I can give is to insure that you only send emails to people you expect to appreciate the email. Spamming is being ever more clamped down on by ISPs and this behaviour can have damaging effects on any brand.

Insights by Matthew Jensen

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