Leveraging the Social Influence of Your Best Customers

Over the last few years, a lot of my food industry clients have been focused on two areas of their business. Loyalty and Social Media. They are not wrong, both of these areas are important areas of business development for them and are very effective ways to improve the turnover and profitability of a food business. With this in mind, I put myself to work, thinkign of ways I could use our services and skills to help them do both more effectively. The answer was quite obvious really, a mobile app. What I particularly liked about the mobile app solution is the ability to very easily "socialise" the loyalty scheme, encouraging members to share their rewards and positive experiences with their networks. This ability to expand the reward scheme "viraly" is where a traditional loyalty scheme becomes a very cost effective new business scheme. I am currently speaking to a handful of restaurants about implementing this scheme and their responses so far are encouraging. Hopefully we will see this app in the hands of foodies everywhere in the near future. Click for large version of Smartphone Loyalty App Infographic

Insights by Matthew Jensen

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