Exciting times! We're recruiting again at Fast Fwd. The worst part of this is the incessant calls from rec consultants promising godlike candidates for just 20 - 25% of their salary. Thankfully though, there is an upside to the recruitment process - hearing directly from all the bright, talented and enthusiastic applicants. In fact, we look through lots of CVs when recruiting - and that's ok; so many people are looking for an opportunity in this dynamic industry. We always have time to hear from candidates, even if they don't come from traditional marketing or digital agency backgrounds. There are many routes in to this industry and many talents that are useful to our clients. Essentially we are here to help our clients market their products and services more effectively. Our clients come from a range of industries - from retail and insurance to medical and healthcare. So, it's important that our team is comprised of people with different professional backgrounds too. We can bring this collective experience; this blend of expertise to bear in helping our customers engage more closely with theirs. We're lucky enough to do some very rewarding work - to help great clients in building some really outstanding products. Many people get in to our industry because they like building things - to take a concept or a problem, and handcraft a solution - a finished article which they can be proud to have built. I have spoken with several candidates considering making a switch from much larger agencies. Quite universally they are looking for the chance to deliver complete projects like this, rather than being a small part of a large production line. Really, this is the unique opportunity that working for a niche digital agency like ours presents. So while still having the chance to lean on colleagues for support, developers are able to express their own creativity in delivering an end-to-end solution. For most developers this is something of a labour of love - they truly enjoy the work, and the finished product is better because of it. With the freedom to work in this way, I think developers grow professionally and deliver better, more considered solutions. Then, the challenge of a new project is just another opportunity to continue growing and to do the kind of work that they enjoy. I set up Fast Fwd after having worked freelance in digital media for a long time. I also worked in the insurance industry for several years and experienced working life there in a more corporate environment. So, with Fast Fwd I wanted to the opportunity to work in a more open environment alongside creative and talented people; to build products that we can all be proud of. I'm happy to say that we've found a good team that really understands our clients and really appreciates our working style. Sure, there is pressure sometimes and client deadlines still exist. But, really, I think we're very lucky to work in the way that we do and with the people that we do. Our clients think that our work is better for it. Thankfully, we're still hiring and looking for fresh talent to join us. So this article is a rally call to enthusiastic and creative developers that are looking for room to grow and the freedom to deliver. If you're attracted to the idea of working in an environment like ours, please contact me by phone or email to jobs [at] fastfwd.com Thank you.

Insights by Kishen Hawkins

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