Video Content. Will It Help you?

Video content on website seems to fluctuate in popularity. So if it is vulnerable to fashion, can there be strong empirical evidence of the benefit of video content on a website? Buto are video hosting specialists so they have a vested interest in promoting video. They make a couple of good points based on their statistics in this video. Why use video on a website I can also recommend this article but the Content Marketing Institute. However, I am as yet unable to find really compelling numbers to make a concrete case for video content. I am also a bit of a fence sitter in the UX debate. In my opinion, only very good video content enhances the user experience. Mediocre video content can be a liability and it is pretty costly to develop a video. Have you tried video content? What are your experiences? If yo uhave any feedback I would love to hear from you. [email protected]

Insights by Matthew Jensen

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