You Are Losing Customers Right Now

Did you know that Google was penalising your website?

If you have one of the millions of websites that are not mobile-friendly, you won't be getting your appropriate ranking on mobile search. This means that right now, if one of your customers is searching for what you sell, using their iPad. The chances are, they are finding your mobile-friendly competitor.

Why You Do This To Me Google?

It's not spite, Google has a commitment to providing the best possible search results to their clients. Google needs to protect its user base from bad websites, no only are they interested in getting the right content to searchers, they want their web experience to be optimal. It is not in Google's interest to send searchers to Flash websites that will not work on a mobile device. However starting in 2012, with its "Panda" upgrade, Google has been looking at HTML sites and with searches from mobile establishing if they are mobile-friendly.

How can you fix it?

Right now, we are working on responsive design projects for several leading UK businesses. Responsive design is a great technology, it enables a website to be truly cross-platform, offering desktop, tablet and mobile users the optimal experience to the complete website.

What does responsive design do?

Responsive design works by resizing the website content on the fly. The elements of the website are divided into a grid. Those grid elements can be moved around and resized based on the size and form factor of the device. Good responsive design will also take into account popular screen widths and optimise resized versions to be particularly accessible at those stages, providing the ultimate in user-friendliness. Here are a few we prepared earlier. More from our Portfolio

Insights by Matthew Jensen

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