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Boost your organic search traffic with our range of SEO packages. Our in-house experts have over a decade of experience helping clients conquer the organic search results.

Available SEO Packages

We offer four SEO packages: Basic, Advanced, Elite and Custom. Each package has its own perks and benefits to suit your business, whatever the size, shape or priorities:

  1. Basic: Great for small sites with less than 100 pages. Suitable for local businesses who are going digital or sites targeting a small niche market.
  2. Advanced: Suitable for sites in competitive industries, with somewhere between 100 to 500 pages.
  3. Elite: Perfect for sites with over 500 pages that inhabit competitive industries. This package is most suitable for eCommerce businesses.
  4. Custom: We recommend the custom option for sites that require everything from our Elite package and more.

Each SEO package has been created with one goal in mind: to boost organic search traffic to your site.

SEO Package Prices

With a proven track record of hundreds of successful SEO projects, our competitive SEO package prices are also among the best in the UK for comparable services.

Features Basic Advanced Elite Custom
Site Crawl & Technical SEO Audit
Core Web Vitals Analysis
Monthly Performance Reports
(Data Dashboard creation)
Local SEO Audit
International SEO Audit
Keyword Research
(Target keyword & 5 secondary keywords)
5 Pages 10 Pages 25 Pages Custom
Keyword mapping to target pages
Internal linking restructuring & optimization
Duplicate content analysis
Image SEO
Competitor Research & Analysis 5 Competitors 10 Competitors Custom
Monitor Competitor Keyword Rankings
On-Page Optimisations 5 Pages/month 10 Pages/month 25 Pages/Month Custom
Backlink Audit
Content Topic Suggestions
Blog Writing & Posting
Keyword Rankings Report
Schema Markup Audit
SEO Training / Workshops
Price £1,500 £3,000 £4,500 Contact Us

Our SEO Process

At fastfwd, we follow a proven 5-step SEO process with all our clients:

  • SEO Audit
  • Investigate & Report
  • Recommend
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

  1. SEO Audit: Our team uses a range of ranking factors to audit the performance of your site. From on-page issues to problems in your technical site structure, we will highlight the biggest issues that are damaging your site’s SEO performance.
  2. Investigate & Report: All sites are different and that’s why our solutions are tailored to your site’s specific needs. Our team will provide an in-depth report to highlight your site’s main SEO problems, along with practical solutions to fix them.
  3. Recommend: We will work with you to supercharge your SEO performance. Not only will we recommend solutions to your site’s current issues, but we’ll also highlight potential opportunities to help you beat your competitors in the search results.
  4. Implement: As a full-service digital agency, we have a large multidisciplinary team of experts in-house, including developers, web designers, UX experts and CRO consultants. All of them are on hand to help implement your SEO solutions
  5. Evaluate: After months of hard work, you will want to know the impact of the solutions implemented. Our SEO team will review your site’s performance, comparing the ‘before and after’ to create an in-depth report. We will even provide you with further recommendations to continue growing your site’s SEO performance over time, so you can keep the improvements going and continue to adhere to best practice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For most sites, we see measurable results after 3 months of SEO work. But this depends mostly on the industry your site is in and the competitiveness of other ranking results. Some niche sites see results in under 1 month, while others could even take up to 6 months or even 1 year for a completely new site.

There are a number of reasons why clients choose us over other agencies, including but not limited to:

  • We have 10+ years of experience in implementing SEO strategies for a range of clients.
  • Our in-house team includes a range of specialists in different fields, such as web design, development, CRO, UX, Social Media, Copy Writing and more.
  • We have worked with huge brand names, and successfully improved their search engine rankings with huge results.

Each of our SEO packages have been created based on website size:

  • Basic: This is good for websites with less than 100 pages.
  • Advanced: Great for websites with 100 to 500 pages.
  • Elite: Perfect for sites with 500+ pages.
  • Custom: If you want to mix and match between our different packages and require additional services, then the custom package is the right option for you.

If you’re not entirely sure which package is right for you, don’t worry. Our team can help you decide based on your free SEO audit report findings.

Yes. All of our SEO packages include a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will be your first point of contact whenever you have a question or need help with anything relating to SEO or your website. If you need further expert advice, then we can also put you in touch directly with one of our in-house SEO experts who can help you with your inquiry.

Whether monthly SEO packages or ‘one off’ SEO services are better depends entirely on the site and its particular situation. But, generally speaking, monthly SEO packages are better for most businesses, as this allows them to continuously improve their SEO performance over time. And as you know, SEO (as with any other area of digital marketing) is always growing and changing. To help you keep up with these changes, we would recommend a monthly SEO package over a one-time only service.

On the other hand, one-time SEO services can be great for businesses that already have an in-house SEO department or expert that can help to continuously monitor the site overtime, but need help just to solve one or two issues relating to SEO on your site.

Yes. At the beginning of every month we’ll send a performance report providing an overview of your site’s SEO performance for the previous month. This report will highlight all the highs and lows of your site in terms of rankings in the organic search results. We will also recommend strategies and solutions in this report to further boost your SEO performance in the upcoming months.

Yes. All our services are done internally, with our in-house team of project managers, SEO consultants, CRO and UX experts, developers and designers. Our team of experts is growing everyday, meaning we can offer more and more quality services in-house.

Yes, each of our predefined SEO packages have a minimum contract period, as outlined below:

  • Basic is 3 months
  • Advanced is 6 months
  • Elite is 12 months
  • Custom is 12 months

The reason why we have a minimum contract period for each of our SEO packages is so that we have enough time to implement the recommendations and see the results. All of our clients on our SEO packages have been very satisfied with the results they experienced within this time period, so we hope you too can experience the remarkable results we can make on your site!

This will vary depending on the SEO package you are on, and the issues we have identified on your site during our SEO audit. For most clients we spend 3 to 5 days a month working on various SEO tasks as decided at the beginning of the project. Some months we may spend more time, especially in the early stages of the project, to make sure your site is set up for SEO success ongoing.

Issues identified are also categorised by priority, meaning that higher priority issues (i.e. those with the most detrimental impact on your site’s search rankings) can be addressed first.

If you have any more questions about our SEO packages or services in general, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact form above. You should hear a reply from us within 2 – 4 working days. If you want to get in touch with a team member instantly, you can call us on +44 121 236 8007 for an informal chat. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and can even set up a free, no-obligation 30 minute SEO assessment call to discuss your options.

SEO Packages

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