05Paid Traffic

Last updated: 20.9.23

Paid Search traffic is generally an under-utilised channel in the solicitors sector. A site utilising this channel can expect to see an average of 8.4K visits from this channel in a year:

A possible reason for the paid channel to be under-utilised in the solicitors sector could be due to the high average cost-per-click (CPC) for keywords in this sector.

For example Irwin Mitchell spent an average of £33.7K per month on the Paid Search channel alone.

Traffic Cost

On average it can cost over £33.7K to generate around 4.7K worth of traffic to your website on a monthly basis (Data based on Irwin Mitchell website):

traffic cost irwin mitchell

That equates to an average CPC of £7.17 per user that visits the site from the paid channel.

Top 20 Paid Keywords By Traffic

When it comes to paid traffic websites in the solicitor sector tend to use a mix of brand, non-brand, as well as generic keywords to raise brand awareness and direct commercial keywords to encourage conversions (Data based on Irwin Mitchell website):

top 20 paid keywords by traffic