03Social Media Traffic

Last updated: 20.9.23

The Organic Social channel is a growing area in the Solicitors market, with sites averaging 18.6K visits in the past year for this channel:

Overall more sites in the Solicitors market are starting to use social media as part of their digital marketing strategy.

If it is used then the benchmark figure for traffic should be to gain at least 18.6K users a year from this channel. While Organic Social can be a time-consuming channel, it can be a great way to boost brand awareness and shift a brand’s reputation.

Based on this data, Acandco seems to be utilising the Social channel the best with over 70K users gained over the past 12 months. Many sites in the Solicitors market such as Quittance and Howells Legal Law firm do have social media profiles, however fail to drive any traffic from these.

Top Social Media Platforms Usage

From the websites that do use social media, Twitter and Facebook are the most utilised in the solicitors sector. In fact, Acandco get nearly 100% of their social media traffic from Facebook alone and Field Fisher get 86% of their social media traffic from Twitter:

social media usage by top sites solictors UK

YouTube and LinkedIn are other top social media platforms used by law firms in the Solicitors market.

With firms such as Taylor Rose getting 35% of this social media traffic from YouTube, and Irwin Mitchell getting 30.6% of social media traffic from LinkedIn.

Interestingly, Instagram and Reddit are also platforms used by law firms. Irwin Mitchell received 4% of social media traffic from Instagram. While Leigh Day received 1.7% of social media traffic from Reddit.