Legal Sector SEO Market Report 2022 - 2023 / Top 20 Players in the Market

01Top 20 Players in the Market

Last updated: 21.9.23

Over the past 12 months, based on total estimated traffic to their sites, here are the top 20 law firms in the UK:

Based on the data, Leigh Day is one of the most visible law firms in the UK search results based on total traffic to their website.

They have received over 1.6 million users in the past 12 months. On average a well-performing law firm site in the legal sector could receive a total of 846k in traffic a year. See our section on traffic generation strategies for more information on the sources of this traffic.

Competitors Landscape: Overview

In the law market, we can see that most of the top players are either in the leaders player segment or the established players segment:
competitors landscape solicitors UK

Interestingly there is only one site from the top 20 placed in the Niche quadrant in the solicitors market. Niche players are sites with little traffic and little growth. These may be absolute beginners or stronger businesses that have just started their expansion in a target region. Once-popular businesses that have lost their positions may also end up here.

  • đź’ˇ Niche players are websites with very little traffic monthly, and very little growth month-on-month.
  • đź’ˇ Game Changers are websites with low traffic, and high traffic growth potential month-on-month. In other words, they are growing in traffic monthly.
  • đź’ˇ Established players are websites that receive a high amount of traffic monthly, but this traffic is stable monthly (i.e. minimal growth).
  • đź’ˇ Leaders are websites that have a high amount of traffic monthly, and this traffic is growing monthly.

Competitors Landscape: Growth Paths

When comparing the competitive landscape over the past 12 months compared to the previous year, we can see little change in both leaders and established players in the market:
Competitors Landscape Growth Paths solicitors UK

Dentons is a prime example of a niche player jumping into the Leaders segment.

They have been able to super boost their traffic growth in the past 12 months, and if they continue growing in traffic they could head into the Leaders segment.

Reviewing Dentons traffic generation strategy, we can see that they relied heavily on Organic Search to grow their site’s overall traffic in a year:

dentons traffic generation strategy

If you would like to know how they did that and how you can have similar results get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Another notable example is JMW who in the previous year were Established players in the solicitors market, but have now moved across to the Niche Players segment. This shows that their total traffic has declined over the past year pushing them down to the Niche segment.

One possible reason for this decline in traffic growth could be because of the lack of Referral traffic to their site compared to the market average. 1.2% of their traffic comes from Referral sources, while the market average is 4.7%:

jmw traffic generation strategy

Gaining traffic from Referral sources can build brand reputation and increase brand awareness. For this reason it is a good idea to get traffic from a variety of sources if looking for long-term traffic growth.